October 5th, 2017,

Today we proudly celebrate World Teachers’ Day and we take time to recognize the tremendous contribution of teachers around the world, and in particular, we honour all those teachers who have made a difference for their students. We are blessed in Ontario – and in Waterloo Catholic in particular – to have high quality teachers who believe in the potential of each child.  Our school communities are ones where children thrive and as our mission indicates, where learning enables our students to leave ready to transform their world.  Our schools are second to none on the globe, in large part due to the remarkable dedication of our teachers.

Our teachers create learning environments that are rooted in the love of Christ and rich in belief regarding the potential of each child in their care.  Each day brings with it challenges that are unique and it calls upon teachers to be the very best that they can be in that moment.  We are grateful to our teachers for rising to that challenge on a daily basis and for hearing the call of their vocation as Catholic educators.   Waterloo Catholic teachers focus on more than the curriculum; they focus on the mind, body and spirit. Our teachers educate students to be formed in their faith and to become true citizens of the world.

Our teachers inspire our young people to a future of possibilities, and motivate them to become future leaders. Every day our teachers touch the lives of our young people in very special ways – working hard to ensure that our young people have the knowledge, skills and wisdom to become reflective, discerning and critical thinkers. For this we are most appreciative of the efforts that our teachers make in the lives of our young people.

Sadly, not all teachers around the world are respected as they are in Canada.  In many areas they work in unsafe conditions and without support and resources.  So on October 5th, as World Teachers’ Day is celebrated, let us join with our global family and give thanks for our teachers, while reflecting upon those teachers who toil in this worthy vocation who may do so without the respect and/or the conditions which they and their students deserve.

Teachers help make Waterloo Catholic the Heart of the Community, A Place for All and represent Success for Each.  We join in acknowledging your many efforts and wish you only the very best in your continued ministry on this World Teachers’ Day.



Wendy Price
Chair of the Board

Loretta Notten
Director of Education

Patrick Etmanski
President, OECTA Waterloo