Don Bosco Logo The Vision of the WCDSB is to provide all students with a place to learn where each can achieve success. At St. Don Bosco, our motto is “Success for Each, A Place for All”.
We believe that all students learn differently and may require a different environment in order to achieve their academic and personal goals. This program provides students who may struggle with learning in a traditional school setting with an alternative, supported learning environment where they can work on the independently selected credits.
This program provides an opportunity for students to:

  • Understand that they are valued members of a caring Catholic Faith Community;
  • Demonstrate the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations;
  • Develop the skills and attitudes to be successful in school, work and the larger community;
  • Progress academically through credit attainment; and
  • Contribute to the community through service learning activities.

What Does the Program Look Like?

  • Academic Credits: with the guidance and support of staff, students will work towards completing credits through technology, small group work and independent study;
  • Community Involvement: students participate in community service activities (i.e. Food Bank, St. John’s Kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul, Recycle cycle etc.);
  • Nutrition for Learning: Providing healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for students to help them to be ready to learn;
  • Pathways Planning: Career planning, workplace co-op, dual credit, trips to Conestoga College, connections with Lutherwood Employment Services and Cambridge Career Connections, and tours of St. Louis;
  • Personal Life Management: regular meetings with the CYCWs to discuss personal socio-emotional and behavioural issues and to develop the skills necessary to more effectively problem solve.


Fran Baker  – SAL Counselor
Andrew Baumgartner  – Teacher
Rebecca Meyer –  Teacher
Joanne Levato – Teacher 

Gavin Burns – Coop Teacher
Jamie Metcalf – CYCW
Alexis Navesky –  CYCW
Carla Santomero – Principal
Judy Merkel –  Superintendent


1425 Bishop St N #16
Cambridge, ON
N2H 4Y9
Phone: 519-578-3677 ext. 2732

St. Don Bosco – Kitchener Campus

77 Young St.
Kitchener, ON
N2H 4Y9
Phone: 519-569-4027


The school day for St. Don Bosco teaching staff begins at 8:30 A.M. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Lunch is between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
Student Schedule
Students will attend either a morning session or an afternoon session. The student’s schedule will be determined based on their individualized plan.
9-11 A.M.  Lunch 12-2 P.M.
9-11 A.M.  Lunch  12-2 P.M.
9-11 A.M. Lunch 12-2 P.M.
9-11 A.M. Lunch 12-2 P.M.
9-11 A.M. Lunch 12-2 P.M.


Students cannot register directly to St. Don Bosco.  Students must be registered at one of the WCDSB five secondary schools and be on a Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) program.  Students on a SAL may be referred to St. Don Bosco by the school administration.
SAL Brochure

WCDSB Secondary Schools

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)

What is Supervised Alternative Learning?
Under the guiding principle of “Reaching Every Student,” secondary schools in Ontario use many strategies, interventions and innovative alternative programs to support, assist and meet the unique learning needs of students. These options exist in schools, in other school board facilities, in partnerships with community agencies and employers and other creative learning structures.
There is a small but distinct group of students whose needs are not met by these in-school programs and interventions. Often, many programs have been tried but without success. At this point, information about the Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) should be shared with parents/guardians and student.
Supervised Alternative Learning is a program for 14 to 17 years old students, who have significant difficulties with school engagement. SAL Plans provide students with an individualized alternative learning experience which enables their progress towards obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) or a Certificate of Participation and achieving their education and life goals. The process is initiated after careful consultation with Guidance, Administration, the Attendance Counsellor and the SAL Coordinator.
A Supervised Alternative Learning program should include:

  • enrollment in a credit bearing course

It may also include one or more of the following:

  • Enrollment in a non-credit life skills course or other non-credit course
  • Preparation for employment and development of general employment skills
  • Training for a specific job or type of employment
  • Full-time or part-time employment
  • Counselling
  • Volunteering
  • Any other activity with the potential to help the student achieve their goals that have been approved by the SAL Committee

Alternatives to consider before applying for Supervised Alternative Learning:

  • Would Guidance Counsellors, other school staff or Learning Services personnel be of help?
  • Would a change of subject, level of course, reduced timetable or school based alternative program help?
  • Would a community support person or program be of assistance?

A pupil who is approved by the SAL committee to participate in Supervised Alternative Learning is legally excused from regular attendance at school as long as the pupil’s plan has not expired or been terminated.

Cooperative Education (Coop)

St. Don Bosco offers a Co-op program for students to earn additional credits in the workplace.   The courses include Pre-placement work, job search, interview preparation and practice and follow-up.  Students are encouraged to participate and take advantage of this optional portion of the program.

Re-engagement Program

The Re-engagement Initiative is designed to assist students who are 18 + and have either left school or have not been attending to re-engage them in their studies to complete the OSSD.  Students are invited to work through the St. Don Bosco cooperative education program to achieve coop credits.

Cooperative Education Resources

Weekly Co-op Log
Re-engagement Co-op Monthly Tracking Calendar
Resume Template
Cover Letter Template

Community Involvement

Students attending St. Don Bosco participate in community volunteering initiatives various locations such as the Food Bank, St. John’s Kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul, Recycle cycle and Growing Hope Farm.  The hours earned with St. Don Bosco can be used towards the students 40 hour community involvement graduation requirement.

Community supports

HERE 24/7
TTY:  1-877-688-5501
Call anytime to access crisis services, addictions or mental health support in Waterloo-Wellington

24/7 Counselling available online, on the phone or via the App

WCDSB Secondary Schools