St. Boniface CES Closed Friday, February 1, 2019

St. Boniface CES in Maryhill will be closed tomorrow – Friday, February 1, 2019 – for ongoing repairs to the school’s heating system. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday morning!

January 31st, 2019|

WCDSB Board Meeting Bulletin — January, 2019


Committee of the Whole Board Meeting

Monday, January 14, 2019 – Meeting Agenda Package

Public Board Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2019 — Meeting Agenda Package


New Multi-Year Strategic Plan

The Multi-Year Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for the staff of Waterloo Catholic District School Board and proclaims to the broader community our goals and aspirations

The current three-year Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP), approved in December of 2015, concluded at the end of December 2018. In the spring of 2018 a system survey took place to both inform the report card on the current plan and to inform direction for the next iteration of the MYSP.

The new MYSP – presented to the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2019 — continues to be anchored by the role our faith plays in all our experiences in our Catholic schools, our vision for equity and inclusion, the focus areas of graduation rates, numeracy achievement in grade 6 and 9 and secondary literacy achievement, as well as fostering and celebrating our strong culture of innovation.

The new plan is available by clicking here: MYSP

Renewed Math Strategy Update

A comprehensive update was presented to the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2019. The update reported on:

  • Elementary and Secondary Math Lead Teacher
  • Numeracy PD Day (Nov. 16, 2018)
  • Professional learning opportunities for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  • Instructional Coaches’ collaborative inquiries
  • Gap Closing Teacher

The full report – with detailed descriptions of the work being undertake in these key areas – is available on pages 11-17 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Professional learning for all educators will continue to be provided in a responsive manner through after school sessions, addressing a variety of concepts. Math Lead Teachers will have further opportunities to engage in distributed leadership as the year unfolds through job-embedded collaboration focused on co-planning, co-teaching and co-debriefing. Collaboration between coaches and educators at schools will benefit from targeted focus on precise coaching moves, capitalizing on relationships that have been built and on refinement of the inquiry process. Gap Closing Teachers, in partnership with classroom teachers, will continue to deepen their understanding of how students learn math and how to best engage students in the applied pathway. Lastly, administrators will receive guidance in supporting educators to comprehend and implement targeted BIPSA goals.

Auditor General’s Report

In the spring of 2018, WCDSB staff were informed by the Ministry of Education that the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario would be conducting an audit of information technology practices employed and supported by the Ministry of Education. As part of the audit, four school boards were selected for field visits by the OAGO:

  • Waterloo Catholic District School Board
  • Algoma District School Board
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Peel District School Board

In the months that followed, each board was visited by a team of OAGO staff who sought to learn about boards’ practices in various areas. Overall, WCDSB did well on the audit. Many of the recommendations made by the OAGO were things that WCDSB was already doing. Some of the recommendations rely on the Ministry to take action, and there were good recommendations on ways to increase awareness around cyber-security and privacy. The OAGO’s staff will be following up in the future to ensure the commitments made were completed within the timeframes specified.

For a full list of the recommendations and the proposed WCDSB responses, please see pages 18-22 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Well Being – Healthy Active Living Update

Across the province much research and work has been completed regarding the goal of promoting well-being. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education recognises the importance of well-being and its role as a key factor in overall student success. As a result, the Ministry has created a “Well-Being Strategy for Education”. The four key components of the strategy are:

1) Positive Mental Health

2) Safe and Accepting Schools

3) Healthy Schools

4) Equity and Inclusive Education.

WCDSB’s 2017-18 school year was a banner year from a Healthy Active Living perspective. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) came to a conclusion, our footprint with Healthy Schools programming expanded, two Physical Activity in Secondary School (PASS) Grants worth $15,000 each were awarded, we ran the “Raise the Bar” conference in which 39 of our schools investigated ways to develop Intramural programming and there was a re-investment in the Playground Activity Leaders (P.A.L.S) program.

Next Steps:

Healthy Schools programming and support continues to increase. The St. David Family and Monsignor Doyle Family of schools are the most recent schools to be partnered with the Region of Waterloo Public Health Nurses. The St. Mary’s Family of schools will join the Public Health caseload in late spring/early fall, 2019. OPHEA Healthy Schools Certification will also be a priority within the WCDSB. In 2016-17, WCDSB had four schools certified and nine in 2017-18.

Additionally, the Healthy School goals outlined in the WCDSB Well-Being Strategy have been created in collaboration with the Well-Being Committee and align to form common goals across all four pillars (Safe Schools, Mental Health and Wellness, Healthy Schools, Equity and Inclusion). As a result, Healthy Schools will continue to be a key focus for both staff and students.

The complete update is available on pages 7-10 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

French as a Second Language Update

English-language school boards in Ontario are required to provide students with a minimum of 600 hours of French instructional hours by the end of elementary school. In Secondary, one FSL credit (110 hours) is compulsory for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. A second FSL course can be counted towards the compulsory credits required for the OSSD.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board currently offers four program options for French as a Second Language:

  • Core French (offered in grades 4-12 at all sites)
  • Intensive French (offered in grade 5 at 4 sites and grade 9-10 at 1 site)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and pre-AP French (offered in grades 9-12 at 2 sites and grades 9-10 at 1 site)
  • French Immersion (offered in grades 1-3 at 3 sites and in grade 4 at 2 sites)

A detailed report on these four pillars of the FSL program was presented on January 28, 2018. To view the full report, please see pages 30-35 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Leadership Strategy 2018-19

The Ontario Leadership Strategy (OLS) was developed in 2008-2009 to foster leadership of the highest possible quality in schools and school boards. School and system leaders play a critical role in creating the conditions of success, increasing student achievement, reducing gaps in student achievement and increasing public confidence in publicly funded education. As part of the Ontario Leadership Strategy, each district in the province is provided with funding and support to develop and implement a Board Leadership Development Strategy (BLDS). The overall goal of the program is to develop leadership capacity to support the achievement of goals outlined in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement.

Growing from the initial class of 19 aspiring leaders in 2012-2013, the program has now served 527 staff members. A detailed report on the program is available on pages 24-29 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Board Chair’s Update

Each month, Board Chair Bill Conway reports on the activities of the Board of Trustees. The report for January 2019 is available on page 36 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Report on Property Matters and Major Construction

An annual report is provided to Trustees as information on the status of vacant properties and those that are being considered for purchase, as well as information on major construction. The status of a number of significant projects is summarized on pages 16-19 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Upcoming Board Meetings

Committee of the Whole Board Meeting

Monday, February 11, 2018

Regular Public Board Meeting

Monday, February 25, 2018

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 49 schools and four adult education facilities, serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 183-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.

– 30 –

For more information, please contact:

John Shewchuk – Chief Managing Officer | (519) 578-3660 | john.shewchuk@wcdsb.ca

January 29th, 2019|

All Buses Cancelled, All Schools Open, All Secondary School Exams Postponed

January 29, 2019

From Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region:

All Buses Cancelled, All Schools Open, All Secondary School Exams Postponed

  • Due to the current weather  and road conditions, ALL SCHOOL BUSES, TAXIS AND SPECIAL EDUCATION ROUTES operated by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board are cancelled. All Public and Catholic Schools are open.
  • All Extended Day Childcare Programs are OPEN.
  • All Public and Catholic Secondary School Exams that are scheduled today will be postponed to the next school day. Today’s cancellation causes all subsequently scheduled exams to be postponed to the next school day.
January 29th, 2019|

Calling All Children & Youth: We Need to Hear Your Voices!!!

Dear Parents / Guardians, Children & Youth…

We need your help!

Last year the Federal Government launched the “Smart Cities Challenge”, a national competition that encourages communities to come up with innovative technology solutions to their most pressing challenge. The top prize is $50 million!!!

Waterloo Region entered the contest with a focus on healthy children and youth. We want to make our community THE BEST in Canada for kids.

And we were chosen one of just five Canadian communities to compete for the award!

To help us win the $50 million, we are asking you (should you choose to participate) to assist your child(ren) in signing a special petition urging the competition judges to recognize the participation and support we have from local young people to win the smart cities challenge.

The petition is open to ALL children and youth up to age 18 and is available for your child(ren) to sign at: https://bit.ly/2Hnd0yD

Let’s hear all those #WCDSBAwesome Waterloo Catholic District School Board voices!!!

For more information, please visit www.smartwr.ca

You can follow along @SmartWatRegion on Instagram and Twitter. Use #SmartWR #SmartCitiesCanada and #bestcommunityforkids when chatting on social media.

January 26th, 2019|

Board of Trustees Meeting – Monday, January 28, 2019

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. — Monday, January 28, 2019 — at the Waterloo Region Catholic Education Centre.

Meeting Agenda

General Information About WCDSB Board Meetings

Information About the Board of Trustees

Directions to the Catholic Education Centre

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 49 schools and five adult education facilities serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 183-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.


January 25th, 2019|

Here’s What to do When the Weather is Bad…

Winter has finally arrived in Waterloo Region! It’s snow season — and that means it’s time to review the WCDSB’s Inclement Weather Policy.

Winter weather can be very unpredictable. So it’s best to be prepared. Here are some key things to remember – because not every day with snow is a snow day:

~~ Bad weather — such as a snow storm, freezing rain or frigid temperatures — is always a possibility during the winter months. It is very important to dress appropriately for the conditions.

~~ During bad weather, schools and school board administrative sites may still be open, even if school buses are cancelled.

~~ Between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on mornings when inclement weather has been forecast for Waterloo Region, Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) — the arm’s length body that coordinates and operates student transportation for the school boards — assesses the current weather conditions, in consultation with local bus companies, if necessary. If a recommendation to cancel transportation (including potential closure of schools) is to be made, the local school boards are contacted and a joint decision is made between STSWR and the boards.

~~ All reasonable efforts are made to announce any cancellation of buses or school closures by 6:00 a.m. Please note that public announcements will only be made if buses are cancelled and / or schools are closed.

~~ It is recommended that parents, guardians, staff and students tune in a local Waterloo Region radio station and also monitor the following online information sources for information about potential closures or cancellations:

STSWR Website: www.stswr.ca/

STSWR Twitter Feed: @STSWR

WCDSB Website: www.wcdsb.ca/

WCDSB Twitter Feed: @WCDSBNewswire

January 24th, 2019|

Summer Boost Program Registration Update

The WCDSB Summer Boost program is designed to provide an exciting educational program aimed at improving the numeracy and literacy skills of our students during the summer months. Teachers and students experience three fun-filled weeks of learning and growing together.

The school board has not yet received government confirmation of funding for our Summer Learning Programs, including the 2019 Summer Boost Program.

So, at this time we are unable to open Summer Boost registration.

We anticipate that we will have more news regarding funding closer to April 2019.  Any confirmation of programming and /or registration will be posted on the WCDSB website and communicated via Twitter and the board’s Newswire email information service.

Thank you for your interest in Summer Boost – and for your patience as we await word from the Ministry of Education.

January 22nd, 2019|

Registration is Open: It’s Time to Sign Up for School!!

It’s time to sign up for the 2019-20 school year – and registering to attend one of Waterloo Region’s 44 Catholic elementary schools and five Catholic secondary schools has never been easier. In fact, a quality, inclusive, faith-based education is now just a click away for families of Kindergarten students thanks to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s Online Registration system.


~~ Parents can access the Online Registration form by clicking on the Register for School link on the WCDSB Homepage and then choosing either Kindergarten RegistrationElementary Registration or Secondary Registration. The link to Online Registration can be found on each page under the “Registration Options”

~~ Children born in 2015 are eligible for Year 1 Kindergarten.

~~ Children born in 2014 are eligible for Year 2 Kindergarten.

~~ When registering your child to attend a Catholic elementary school you must be prepared to provide proof of the child’s date of birth and either the child’s Catholic baptismal certificate or the Catholic baptismal certificate of at least one parent or guardian.

~~ If you are non-Catholic, but wish to explore a Catholic education for your child(ren), please review the WCDSB Admissions to Catholic Elementary Schools policy. Our secondary schools are open to students of all faiths.

~~ A complete list of WCDSB schools that will offer the Extended Day Program in 2019-20 will be web-posted in April, 2019. Please call your school directly for information about the Extended Day Program. A complete list of WCDSB schools currently providing the program is available via this link: Extended Day Program.

~~ For information about French Immersion programs in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, please click here: French Immersion Registration Information.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 49 schools and five adult education facilities serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 183-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.


January 21st, 2019|

Child and Youth Care Worker, Educational Assistant & Personal Support Worker Appreciation Day

To help every student realize their full potential to transform God’s world, we depend on the support and guidance of parents and caregivers, and of every staff member that touches the lives of our students.

Supporting student independence to graduation is an important component within our inclusive education model at the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. It is vital for our students to learn independent skills, to interact socially and engage with their peers, and to receive intellectual growth opportunities so that they may reach their highest level of God-given potential.

Today, we at WCDSB would like to recognize some of those staff members that work with our students who receive this support throughout their learning journey at WCDSB.

Today, we celebrate the Educational Assistant, the Personal Support Worker, and the Child and Youth Care Worker with an Appreciation Day to recognize their contributions and endless efforts to support the needs of our learners.

Whether the need be academic, social, emotional, or behavioural, the EA, PSW, and CYCW are there to support and to commit themselves to the needs of all.

We are partnering with CUPE Local 2512, to initiate and mark a day of appreciation for these skilled people who with their skill, knowledge, and expertise make our organization a stronger and better place for our students to thrive.

We encourage you to join our WCDSB community in showing your appreciation for this important employee group.

January 18th, 2019|
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