The Kindergarten Program


Kindergarten at Waterloo Catholic District School Board is a faith-based two year program where children learn through play, exploration and inquiry.

Your child will benefit from having two educators in most classrooms, a teacher and an early childhood educator.

Play 1

Learning and growing in kindergarten focuses on the following key areas:

  • Fostering a  sense of genuine belonging for your child 
  • Ensuring they feel their contributions matter
  • Developing self-regulation skills
  • Supporting well-being
  • Developing literacy and math skills
  • Supporting problem solving
  • Exploring innovation
  • Religion & Faith

For more information about full-day kindergarten and tips to support your child’s learning at home, read our parent guides:

Click here for our program expectations:  The Kindergarten Program, 2016 

Click here for our Religion expectations:  Religious Education for Kindergarten

What Might Learning Look Like In Our Kindergarten Classrooms?

Exploration and Investigation:

Several children design small boats and then bring them over to the water centre. Each child puts his or her boat in the water and then places one shell at a time in the boat. Another child helps keep track of the number of shells using a simple tally. The teacher or early childhood educator asks the children to find out which boat held the most shells before sinking and think about how it is different from the other boats.