St. Clement CES – Faith in Action

We are the oldest school in the board and we are very proud of our history and traditions. We have great sports team that make us Saints proud. St. Clement School has many clubs and groups like Social Justice, ECO Club, Games Club, All Saints Club and many more.

We have a beautiful church right beside and some of the pictures that you will see will be inside and outside of our church. The church’s liturgies are one of the many ways we show our faith.

We have an opening prayer everyday and at 12:00 every Tuesday and Wednesday there is a mass at the church and most of the altar servers serve at the Tuesday and Wednesday masses. Anybody is welcome at the masses and we encourage people to participate in our liturgical masses from different communities.

We are also looking to learn more about different cultures and will be hosting our second annual multicultural day involving students from St. David and St. John.

Participating in liturgies, Social Justice, going to WE Day and being a leader of a club or team helps prepare us to help make our world be a better place.  That is what “Faith In Action” means at St. Clement.

“Where Each One Counts”

February 28th, 2018|

Have Your Say: 2018 WCDSB Budget Survey Now Open

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has a firm commitment to consulting with stakeholders during development of the school system’s annual budget. Guiding the process is the Board’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), which consists of trustees, elementary and secondary principals, community members and school board management. The BAC reviews the proposed consultation questions and is provided with the results when the consultation process is complete.

The purpose of this brief BUDGET SURVEY is to gain feedback from stakeholders on areas of the budget where flexibility exists. The tabulated survey results will then be incorporated into the budget presentation and will be publicly available on the Board’s website once the budget has been presented. Last year’s (2017-18) board budget is available by clicking HERE.

We thank you for your feedback — and for your ongoing support of Waterloo Region’s Catholic schools!

February 28th, 2018|

WCDSB Board Meeting Bulletin — February, 2018


Committee of the Whole Board: Monday, February 12, 2018 – Meeting Agenda Package

Public Board Meeting: Monday, February 26, 2018 — Meeting Agenda Package


Annual Report – Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR)

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region has been serving the Waterloo Catholic District School Board since 2007 through the provision of home to school transportation services for our students. This is accomplished by contracting with school bus and taxi operators to service routes built by STSWR transportation technicians. Since inception, STSWR has worked to become efficient and responsive to the Board’s needs and through the General Manager, seeks to make improvements annually through the adoption of best and leading practices in the sector.

On February 12, 2018 the Board of Trustees received the STSWR Annual Report. The full report is available on pages 7-26 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Kindergarten Update

In January, 2017, Trustees were apprised of ongoing progress in implementing two renewed policies and programs in Ontario which form the core of the The Kindergarten Program 2016 and Growing Success: The Kindergarten Addendum 2016. Here is a timeline of actions undertaken since then.

January 2017: Session for planning time teachers to support communicating learning within the four frames for Communication of Learning templates

January 2017: System invited to Ministry virtual learning sessions for administrators and educators

January 2017: Principal learning session; understanding WCDSB Kindergarten Communication of Learning (formerly known as ‘report card’) success criteria to support educators in the shifts in Kindergarten pedagogy

March – May 2017: K-1 Renewed Math Strategy (RMS) networks focussing on extending the pedagogy of kindergarten into grade one

April – June 2017: Early Development Instrument (EDI) Mobilization self-directed learning module provided to schools

May 2017: Communication of Learning support session for Kindergarten planning time teachers

October 2017: Communication of Learning support sessions for educators new to Kindergarten

October 2017: Communication of Learning support session for administrators

October 2017 – Present: RMS networks focussing on moving the pedagogy of kindergarten into grade one & beyond

January 2018: Presentation to elementary administrators by provincial early learning leads to better understand key components of the revised Kindergarten program

January 2018: Administrator capacity building session to support responsive professional learning around teaching & learning within The Kindergarten Program 2016 and Growing Success Kindergarten Addendum.

January – March 2018: In partnership with Region of Waterloo Community Services Children’s Services Department, we have provided Early Development Instrument (EDI) training sessions for all kindergarten classroom teachers. Teachers are provided with the opportunity to complete their component of the EDI during this session.

The full report is available on pages 29-32 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Parent Engagement Report

The WCDSB has continually focused on supporting the partnership between home and school to meet the various forms of parent engagement as presented in the Ontario Parent Engagement Policy by promoting and supporting:

  • Catholic School Chairperson “Grassroots” knowledge and information sharing event
  • Parents Reaching Grant applications, system and regional
  • Celebration of our Catholic School Advisory Council Chairpersons through our WCDB annual commissioning ceremony.

Over the past few years we have continued to see a strong trend of schools reaching their parent communities by engaging them through the Parents Reaching Out Grants.

The full report is available on pages 33-36 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Special Education Renewed Math Strategy (RMS) Update

The Special Education RMS focus for 2017-2018 has been on building capacity of classroom teachers, special education teachers, principals and other board staff in regard to screening assessments, classroom interventions and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.

In 2018-19, the Special Education RMS focus will include an intervention model aimed at creating socially and academically inclusive classrooms through a collaborative model of resource teacher support. The belief is this approach will ensure mathematics is accessible for diverse learners.

A detailed overview of the strategy is available on pages 12-16 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Student Trustees Report

Student Trustees Kate Jamieson and Meghan Nemeth presented their monthly report on activities in WCDSB’s secondary schools. The report contains highlights of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association’s Student Platform – a 16-point list of recommendations to the Ontario government and opposition parties — based in part on responses to the Student Survey completed in November, 2017, and a recap of the February 15-18 OSTA-AECO Board Council Conference in Ottawa. Their full report is available on pages 28-32 via this link: Meeting Agenda Package

Upcoming Board Meetings

Committee of the Whole Board Meeting: Monday, March 5, 2018

Regular Public Board Meeting: Monday, March 26, 2018

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 52 schools and four adult education facilities serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 182-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.

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For more information, please contact:

John Shewchuk – Chief Managing Officer | (519) 578-3660 | john.shewchuk@wcdsb.ca

February 27th, 2018|

French Immersion Program Review & Expansion Plan

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is currently planning to expand its French Immersion program and is developing strategies to deal with future accommodation pressures as a result of the program’s growth.

This plan may impact families currently enrolled in French Immersion, families interested in French Immersion in the future, and families in the English stream.

Join us at one of the following open houses to discuss French Immersion. We’d love to share our plan with you and hear your feedback.

Highlights include:

  • Accommodation priorities and potential solutions (how to deal with enrolment pressures)
  • Criteria for selecting new French Immersion locations (please note that no new schools have been identified for French Immersion)
  • Geographic distribution of French Immersion schools
  • Registration priorities

Drop in anytime between 6:00pm and 8:00pm to tell us what you think about our French Immersion Review and Expansion Plan. Staff and members of the Review Committee will be available to answer questions.

If you are unable to attend in person, the display boards/information provided at the open houses will be available online after March 6th at https://www.wcdsb.ca/programs-and-services/fsl/french-immersion-review/

Questions? Please contact: frenchimmersionreview@wcdsb.ca


February 22nd, 2018|

Nominations Open for WCDSB Distinguished Graduate, Community Partner & Chair’s Awards

Nominations are now open for the annual WCDSB “Distinguished Graduate Award”, “Community Partner Award” and “Chair’s Award”. Information about the awards (including the Distinguished Graduate Award nomination form) is available HERE. There are no nomination forms for the Community Partner and Chair’s Awards.

If you wish to make a nomination in any of the categories, please submit your rationale in writing along with any supporting documentation you feel appropriate, to Alice Figueiredo by Friday, March 16, 2018. Hard copy or emailed nominations are equally acceptable. Alice can be reached via email at alice.figueiredo@wcdsb.ca.

Distinguished Graduate Award

The Distinguished Graduate Award was established in 2005 under the Board’s “Celebration of Excellence” policy. It is presented annually to a graduate of 10 or more years from Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools who has provided an outstanding example of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations in action. The award is presented at the graduation exercises of the recipient’s Secondary School or another appropriate public venue.


  • 2017 – Most Reverend Bishop Daniel Meihm, Bishop of Peterborough
  • 2016 – Michael Schmitt, Former WCDSB teacher, Principal, Superintendent & Director of Education
  • 2015 – Douglas Letson, C.M., Former President & Vice-Chancellor, St. Jerome’s University
  • 2014 – Katherine Bergman, President & Vice-Chancellor, St. Jerome’s University
  • 2013 – Mary Jo Fedy, Managing Partner, KPMG — Waterloo
  • 2012 – Toby Collins, C.R., Vocation Director for the Congregation of the Resurrection
  • 2011 – Teacher / missionary Sister Barbara Paleczny, SSND
  • 2010 – David Eby, Executive Director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association – and current Attorney General of British Columbia
  • 2009 – Paul Voisin, C.R., Vicar General of the Diocese of Hamilton (Bermuda)
  • 2008 – Former Ontario cabinet minister – and current Wilfrid Laurier University Professor — John Milloy
  • 2007 – Lisa LaFlamme, Anchor – CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme
  • 2006 – University of Waterloo professor Brian Orend
  • 2005 – Ontario Superior Court Justice Patrick J. Flynn

Community Partner Award

The Community Partner Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding contributions made to Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools by a community partner or agency serving the students, staff and greater community of Waterloo Region.


  • 2017 – Settlement and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region
  • 2016 – Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • 2015 – Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council
  • 2014 – Strong Start Charitable Organization
  • 2013 – Barrday Inc.
  • 2012 – Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region
  • 2011 – Nutrition for Learning
  • 2010 – Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada
  • 2009 – Rex Barger
  • 2008 – Reid’s Heritage Homes
  • 2007 – Congregation of the Resurrection in Waterloo Region
  • 2006 – Region of Waterloo Public Health
  • 2005 – Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation
  • 2004 – St. Jerome’s University
  • 2003 – Waterloo Regional Police Service
  • 2002 – Catholic Family Counselling
  • 2001 – Waterloo Region Catholic Community Foundation

Chair’s Award

The Chair’s Award is presented to a person (or group of people) in the school system who has contributed significantly to Catholic Education. It is given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions made in serving the students, staff and greater community of Waterloo Region and/or to the betterment of Catholic Education in Ontario in general.


  • 2017 – Glenda Leusink
  • 2016 – Nancy Sabo
  • 2015 – Joni Grundy
  • 2014 – Marianna Worth
  • 2013 – Michelle Flood and Mary Stevens
  • 2012 – Bruce Cameron
  • 2011 – Gai Brown
  • 2010 – Theresa Horan
  • 2009 – Jeannie McCarroll
  • 2008 – Angela Davis
  • 2007 – Thomas Forestell, Mervyn J. Villemaire, Charles Van Alphen
  • 2006 – Deb Zettel-Schmitt
  • 2005 – Allan Hoch, Jennifer Rodrigues, Louise Ervin
  • 2004 – Gary Leduc
  • 2003 – Pat Brannigan, Michael Schmitt
  • 2002 – School Sisters of Notre Dame / Sisters of St. Joseph
  • 2001 – Dave Schnarr, Bill Brazeau, Pat Cannon, Warren Grafton, Horst Schweinbenz
  • 2000 – Fr. Fred Scinto, C.R.
  • 1999 – Ann O’Donnell-Beckwith
  • 1998 – Bob Anderson
February 21st, 2018|

Are You on Facebook? Then We Have Some News for You!

We’re proud to announce that you can now use Facebook to keep up to date with all the exciting happenings in our #WCDSBAwesome schools! Of course, it’s equally quick and easy to keep up with us on Twitter and via our handy Newswire subscription service, which delivers the news right to your email in-box. If you’re a video fan, then our Youtube channel is a definite “must-see”. This year’s “Faith in Action” video series clearly illustrates the massive added value Catholic Education brings to Ontario. And if you ever need to contact a staff person, you can find them easily in our online Staff Directory.

We’ve been “Heart of the Community” for more than 180 years – and staying connected with the people we serve is one of the most important things we do. Thank you for joining us on the journey, Waterloo Region!

February 21st, 2018|

Special Message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Our #WCDSBAwesome schools are well-known provincial leaders in 21st Century teaching & learning. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pumped about our success in Science, Tech, Engineering & Math (STEM). Just look at what he has to say in this brief video about the upcoming St. Mary’s High School STEM INNOVATION WEEK. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

But we’re about more than just STEM. When you add the Arts into the STEM mix, it’s pretty obvious Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools have built up a tremendous head of STEAM, as we help form tomorrow’s creators, makers and innovation leaders.

So…if you want a quality, inclusive faith-based education for your child – an education that will prepare them to be responsible citizens and life-long learners in a technology-driven world — then why not visit our Web Page and use the handy Online Registration Portal to register your child in your neighbourhood Catholic school?

Because at WCDSB – #TomorrowStartsToday!!

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 52 schools and four adult education facilities serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 182-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.

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February 21st, 2018|

St. Dominic Savio CES Receives Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement Award

Waterloo Region, ON – St. Dominic Savio Catholic Elementary School in Kitchener has been named a recipient of the 2018 Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement Award. The award – named for the former long-time Ontario Education Minister — was established in 2009 to recognize schools across the province for their use of data to enhance and support the progress of their students. The award will be presented in Toronto on February 28, 2018.

Schools honoured with the award have used a wide range of evidence to develop action plans based on their unique circumstances and have seen notable improvements in student achievement, as demonstrated by an increase in EQAO results over time.

This outstanding video shows many of the reasons the St. Dominic students and staff are so deserving of this prestigious award. https://tinyurl.com/yaergkck


  • The Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement Award was established by the Education Quality & Accountability Office (EQAO) as a tribute to Dr. Stephenson’s lifelong commitment and contribution to education and public service. Dr. Stephenson is currently a director emeritus on EQAO’s Board of Directors.
  • Every year, EQAO visits a number of schools to talk to educators and learn how EQAO data is being used to inform discussions and planning for student achievement. These schools are chosen because they have shown growth over time in their EQAO results, adopted an action plan based on their evidence and actively worked towards improved student outcomes.

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St. Dominic Savio Catholic Elementary School

Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement Award

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, representing more than 96,000 Catholic school supporters, operates 52 schools and five adult education facilities serving more than 40,000 elementary, secondary and continuing education students in Waterloo Region – continuing a 182-year tradition of quality, inclusive, faith-based education. Follow us on Twitter: @WCDSBNewswire – #WCDSBAwesome.

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February 13th, 2018|

St. Mary’s High School – Faith in Action

At St. Mary’s High School, we are indeed a People of Faith.   We practice our Faith by putting it into action every day through our social justice/mission initiatives, our daily prayers, our classes (where religion can be incorporated into every subject), our school-wide liturgies, and our very successful Where Kindness Matters, Community Grows ongoing campaign.  We are your family and it is only fitting that our school is named after our greatest mother; St. Mary.

Like any family though, sometimes a student can lose sight of their faith and it actually feels like the connection between our faith and our student is practically 93 million miles away from the sun.  And that’s okay.  Because your faith is waiting for you whenever you are ready to embrace it once again.  At St. Mary’s we are your home – and you can always come back home.

February 12th, 2018|
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