On Sunday November 26th, we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King which not only marks the end of our Liturgical year, but reminds all of us to walk more closely in faith with our Lord.  We are very excited to be showcasing our school during our special feast day so all can see that we know that Christ is our King. Jesus is our teacher and we are instruments of His peace where we are called to care, love, and serve one another.

At Christ the King School, we are inspired by the example of Jesus and we believe that together, through “Courage, Teamwork, and Kindness”, we can live and experience our faith in action.  In order to have deeper encounters with our faith, students are actively involved in our school and are leaders in planning, creating, and reflecting on how they can exemplify the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations each and every day.  Throughout the months of October and November, our students have demonstrated what it means to truly believe in forgiveness and the importance of peace in our schools, our community, and our world, as emphasized in our video and the songs we selected.

At Christ the King, we know that it is through Courage, Teamwork and Kindness that we CAN live our lives like Jesus and truly make a difference.