“Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you.”
(In the words of Saint Augustine)

In alignment with the WCDSB Pastoral Plan, St. Augustine Catholic Elementary school community is proud to embrace People of Faith. Our Catholic School community is comprised of 19 classrooms with a committed staff that devotes themselves to developing each and every child in mind, body, and spirit. St. Augustine CES proudly displays “Faith in Action” throughout our school community in a variety of ways.

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGE) are a focal point for staff and students in our school each and every day. A variety of classes collaboratively lead an assembly to teach their peers about one of the OCSGE that is being highlighted. In this assembly, students are also recognized by their teachers in front of their peers for applying the principles of the OCSGE. These expectations include; I am a Believer, I have a Voice, I have Ideas, I have Responsibilities, I am a Team Player, I Care and I am a Learner for Life. Our classroom Prayer Centre’s proudly display the OCSGE that is the focus for that particular month. At the end of the year, a boy and girl from each classroom who embody all of the OCSGE in their daily interactions, will be recognized and receive The Student Catholic Leadership Award in front of the school community and their families at St. Gregory’s Parish.

We live the gospel values while dedicating much time to our faith journey through daily Religious and Family Life Education, Christian Meditation, sacramental preparations, school-wide liturgical celebrations, and a myriad of social justice initiatives. We feel blessed to work in close partnership with St. Gregory Parish under the spiritual guidance of Father Malcolm Katzenberger. We are thankful to have the support and involvement of a generous parent community, enthusiastic volunteers, and an active Catholic School Council.  We are united in a common purpose, ensuring the student experience is one of a discerning believer formed in our Catholic Faith Community.

We welcomed the Pilgrimage Cross into the St. Augustine CES community by gathering in prayer at a school-wide Liturgy of the Word. We listened to the Gospel Story of The Road to Emmaus and reflected together as a school community before engaging in a whole school Christian Meditation. While the Pilgrimage Cross was present in our school community, all classes engaged in a variety of prayerful activities to deepen our faith; including Christian Meditation, quiet reflection, and a symbolic Pilgrimage Walk together. We believe that the presence of the Pilgrimage Cross in our school community inspired our staff and students to live like Saint Augustine and walk closely with one another and with Jesus.

When watching our Faith in Action video, one of the songs you will hear is 10, 000 Reasons. It is being performed by our school choir with staff on instrumentals. Enjoy!

We are #PeopleofFaith and #WCDSBAwesome!