6.0 Expectations for Board Sites

> As outlined in Administrative Procedures Memorandum APH 013 — “Emergency Planning and Procedures” — each school and Board facility shall prepare a functional Emergency Response Plan outlining how that facility will react during an emergency. APH 013 further prescribes the number and timing of fire drills, lockdown drills, and tornado drills during the school year.

> System Level Emergency Planning and Response

  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board maintains a System Emergency Response Plan and updates it annually. Members of the WCDSB System Emergency Response Team and their responsibilities are detailed in the plan. The plan is available online at www.wcdsb.ca/about-us/emergency-management/.
  • The Director of Education (or designate) has overall responsibility for emergency preparedness and response. The Director has delegated this responsibility to the Chief Managing Officer.
  • The Director of Education decides what level of emergency response is necessary once an emergency exists. The Chief Managing Officer is responsible for coordinating the Board’s system-level response in all emergency situations.
  • The System Emergency Response Plan and all site-based plans are consistent with the requirements of all local municipal emergency plans — including the emergency plan of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo — as well as all Board policies and by-laws, the Education Act and regulations, the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Ontario Regulation 388/97 (Ontario Fire Code), and APC 013 — Region of Waterloo School Board – Police Protocol.
  • All first responders (police, fire, EMS), local municipalities and board sites receive a copy of the System Emergency Response Plan following each update.

>Site Level Emergency Planning and Response

  • Every school will maintain and update as necessary an emergency management plan. Each school’s plan must address shelter in place / hold and secure / lockdown requirements and contain a copy of the school’s approved Fire Safety Plan.
  • Sections 6 and 7 of the System Emergency Response Plan detail the procedures to be followed by Board sites in emergency situations. In all emergencies it is the responsibility of the school Principal or their designate to as soon as reasonably possible inform the School Superintendent of the situation. The School Superintendent (or next available Superintendent if the School Superintendent cannot be reached) will immediately inform the Chief Managing Officer. Principals will follow all emergency procedures outlined in the following documents:
    • APC 013 — Region of Waterloo School Board – Police Protocol
      • Section 21 – “Emergency & Crisis Response Plan”
      • Schedules A through F, inclusive
    • APH 022 – Lockdowns, Hold & Secure, and Shelter-in-Place
    • APC 046 – Bomb Threat
  • School Superintendents will review and document their approval of each school’s emergency procedures at the first school visit each year.