System Emergency Response Team Members

(Current to September, 2018)

Team Members Name and Position

Loretta Notten
Director of Education ext. 2241

Shesh Maharaj
Chief Financial Officer ext. 2288

John Klein
Superintendent of Learning: RCSS Family of Schools, School Effectiveness, Program Services ext. 2281

Gerald Foran
Superintendent of Learning: St. Mary’s Family of Schools, Adult & Continuing Ed ext. 2291

Laura Shoemaker
Superintendent of Learning: Msgr. Doyle Family of Schools, Special Education ext. 2255

Jason Connolly
Superintendent of Human Resources ext. 2219

Terri Pickett
Senior Manager: Facilities ext. 2268

Lindsay Ford
Manager: Planning, Admissions & Enrolment ext. 2253

Erin Lemak
Principal – Section 23 / Special Ed ext. 2281

Benoit Bourgault

John Shewchuk
Chief Managing Officer ext. 2236

Richard Olson
Superintendent of Learning: St. Benedict Family of Schools, Faith Development, Equity & Inclusion, and Student Success ext. 2299

Judy Merkel
Superintendent of Learning: St. David Family of Schools, Leadership Development, Safe Schools & 21st Century Learning ext. 2496

Chris Demers
Chief Information Officer ext. 2343

Laura Isaac
Senior Manager: Finance ext. 2322

Denny Bitovski
Safety Officer ext. 2226

Jeff Admans
Manager: Supply & Administrative Services ext. 2323

Rod Miller
Chief Social Worker ext. 2262

Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C. R.
Spiritual Animator