1.0 Definitions and Responsibilities

  • Emergency Operations Centre
    The Board’s Emergency Operations Centre will be located at the Waterloo Region Catholic Education Centre – 35 Weber St., W., Kitchener. The St. Aloysius Room (2nd Floor) will be reserved during a Level 3 emergency response situation. Should the Education Centre be directly affected by the emergency or otherwise inaccessible, the Emergency Operations Center will be established in the Board facility located at 480 Dutton Drive, Waterloo.
  • System Emergency Response Team
    The Waterloo Catholic District School Board System Emergency Response Team directly manages system emergencies (see APPENDIX A). The Director of Education (or designate) is responsible for implementing the System Emergency Response Plan in an emergency situation and directing the System Emergency Response Team.
  • Communications Centre
    In a Level 3 emergency, the Board’s Communications Centre will be established in the lounge adjacent to the St. Aloysius Room.
  • Media Information Centre
    If required, a Media Information Centre will be established at the Waterloo Region Catholic Education Centre (35 Weber St., W., Kitchener) in the St. Mary’s Parish Hall.
  • Evacuation Centre
    An evacuation centre is a facility used to register and provide care/shelter to persons displaced by an emergency. Board facilities may be used as evacuation centres under municipal emergency plans during a lower-tier municipal or upper-tier Regional emergency and /or emergencies affecting WCDSB’s coterminous school boards.
  • Compassionate Care Response Team
    The Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s Compassionate Care Response Team is a group of specially-trained staff called to address the psychological needs of students and staff following extraordinarily traumatic incidents such as the loss of life due to violence, accident or natural disaster.