9.0 Declaration of a Level 3 Emergency

9.01 – Existing Policies/Protocols to be Followed

When a Level 3 emergency exists (but has not yet been declared to exist), Board employees are expected to take any action(s) necessary to protect the Board’s staff, students and facilities. This includes lockdown / hold & secure / shelter in place / evacuation procedures in schools. Schools are expected to maintain and follow all relevant Administrative Procedures Memoranda (available on the Board’s web site at: www.wcdsb.ca/ap_memos.html) and the school’s site level emergency response plan. The safety of all individuals is the top priority at all times. Therefore, all staff is authorized to immediately take all reasonable actions to preserve the lives and safety of any students, staff or visitors. This includes calling 911 from a classroom, gym, cafeteria or other location outside of the main office or outside the school building, if necessary.

9.02 – Declaration of a Level 3 Emergency

  • The Director of Education is responsible for declaring that a Level 3 emergency exists within the Board’s jurisdiction. This decision is made in consultation with other members of the Board’s System Emergency Response Team and any other relevant authorities/jurisdictions.
  • Upon such a declaration, the Director, or designate, notify:
    i) the Board of Trustees;
    ii) all appropriate municipal officials (e.g. the Chairperson of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and the Mayor(s) of the affected municipality(s));
    iii) Ministry of Education;
    iv) local MPPs.
  • The Director of Education, or designate, may request assistance from the local Municipality(s) or the Regional Municipality of Waterloo by contacting the mayors/chairperson without activating the Municipal/Regional Emergency Alerting System as described in local municipal emergency response plans.
  • If the Board’s Level 3 emergency is part of a broader municipal or Regional emergency and the Regional or lower-tier Municipal Emergency Plan has been implemented, the Board’s System Emergency Response Team will act as a resource to the Municipal or Regional Emergency Control Group as required.