Safe Schools – Secure School Policy

The Policy of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board on Safe and Secure Schools

(II-13, June 28, 1993)

In recognizing that violent behaviour is not only illegal but contrary to the Gospel and Catholic values advocated in the Board’s belief statements, The Waterloo Catholic District School Board upholds the position that not any form of violent behaviour is acceptable on school property or in school-sponsored or related activities. The Board, in cooperation with its staff and appropriate community agencies will design activities to promote a positive, safe and secure atmosphere through the development of strategies to improve individual self-esteem, self-discipline, non violent conflict resolution and mutual respect.

“We recognize the vital role that school boards can play together with concerned parents, staff, students and community members, in keeping our schools safe and secure places to learn, work, grow and enjoy. It is within this framework that our school boards have collaborated in the development of Safe and Secure Schools policies in support of the overwhelming majority of students, staff, parents and community members.”

Excerpt from a joint statement with the Waterloo County Board of Education, “Working Together for a Safe and Secure Future.”