Safe Schools – Our Strategy for Dealing with Violent and Potentially Harmful Incidents

To establish a safe and secure Christian environment we will

  • Promote respect for the rights and dignity of others
  • Enable students to critically examine the media and popular fads with respect to the issue
  • Implement non-violent conflict resolution strategies for all grades
  • Encourage staff to be role models for students
  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities

To respond immediately when problems arise we

  • Assist and support the victim physically and emotionally
  • Use non-violent crisis intervention strategies
  • Report the incident to school administration
  • Contact parent/guardian or emergency contact of victim and perpetrator
  • Arrange medical care and attention if necessary
  • Involve appropriate guidance counsellor, special education teacher, youth care worker, collaborative team member, community service personnel, clergy or chaplain
  • Complete an Incident Referral Form and/or Police Incident Report as appropriate

To preserve the safe and secure school environment

  • Follow up with parents or guardians and staff
  • Follow up with school assemblies, curriculum, liturgies
  • Arrange counseling where appropriate for the victim, the aggressor and the staff
  • Assess trends and patterns for future prevention measures