Progressive Discipline and School Safety Act – Our Policy Towards Violence

Flows from our Catholic beliefs

Violent behaviour is contrary to our Gospel and Catholic values. As a part of God’s covenant with us we have responsibilities and commitments to one another. We are to live in peace and promote means of solving conflict involving repair, reconciliation and reassurance.

Is one of non-tolerance

No form of violent behaviour is acceptable on school property or in school sponsored or related activities.

Defines violent behaviour broadly

Violent behaviour is any aggressive behaviour that jeopardizes the safety of, or climate for, an effective learning and working environment. In our document, we also deal with issues such as smoking, attendance and punctuality. We do this because a wide range of behaviours, if abused, can have negative consequences for the student and for the school community.

Outlines progressive, consistent consequences

Specific disciplinary actions, ranging from suspension to expulsion, are outlined for first, second and third offenses in each category of violent incident.

Requires that schools, parents, parishes and community work together

Parents, students and educators work together to develop conflict resolution/mediation programs and support programs. Schools also work closely with Waterloo Regional Police in the prevention of violence and dealing with serious incidents of misconduct.

Meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training

All school boards in Ontario must develop a violence prevention policy which meets the requirements set out in the Violence-Free Schools Policy (1994). It also meets with the requirements of the Progressive Discipline and School Safety Act, 2007.