7-12 Program Review

Background Information

In September 2019, the board applied for a 1,400 pupil-place 7-12 school to accommodate the growing elementary and secondary enrolment in East Kitchener and to provide relief to the overcrowding at St. Mary’s High School.  In July 2020, the Ministry of Education confirmed the capital funding of a new school for grades 7-12 in East Kitchener.

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The 7-12 Program Review will be undertaken in two (2) phases, starting in September 2020 and concluding by May 2021.  The first phase will focus on research and program development and be guided by the 7-12 Program Review Committee.  Receiving input from internal stakeholders will form part of this first phase.

The second phase will involve a community consultation process, focused on East Kitchener schools.  School communities will be engaged via their school councils to provide input on the recommendations outlined in the draft report.  At the conclusion of the second phase, a final report and recommendations will be presented to the Board for approval.

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Public Consultation Information

The second phase of the program review involves community consultation, with additional engagement of East Kitchener elementary schools.  Input will be collected and considered before bringing a final set of 7-12 program and operational considerations to the Board of Trustees.

You are invited to participate in a survey about the key considerations, and ThoughtExchange to share your perspectives on any additional considerations

Public Meeting

Parents/guardians and the public are invited to attend the virtual Public Meeting. Notice and connection information will be published prior to the meeting.