We are the oldest school in the board and we are very proud of our history and traditions. We have great sports team that make us Saints proud. St. Clement School has many clubs and groups like Social Justice, ECO Club, Games Club, All Saints Club and many more.

We have a beautiful church right beside and some of the pictures that you will see will be inside and outside of our church. The church’s liturgies are one of the many ways we show our faith.

We have an opening prayer everyday and at 12:00 every Tuesday and Wednesday there is a mass at the church and most of the altar servers serve at the Tuesday and Wednesday masses. Anybody is welcome at the masses and we encourage people to participate in our liturgical masses from different communities.

We are also looking to learn more about different cultures and will be hosting our second annual multicultural day involving students from St. David and St. John.

Participating in liturgies, Social Justice, going to WE Day and being a leader of a club or team helps prepare us to help make our world be a better place.  That is what “Faith In Action” means at St. Clement.

“Where Each One Counts”