The Education Act requires school boards to develop multi-year plans that are three years or more in scope. The plans provide focus and direction to the board to achieve Ministry of Education goals and, equally as important, articulate the vision of the school board.

In June of 2018 the Board of Trustees accepted the final report card on the 2015-2018 Multi-Year Strategic Plan. Within that work was found stakeholder feedback regarding our previously identified Mission, Vision, Beliefs and three core Strategic Priorities.

There was a high affirmation rate for each, and thus it was identified at that time that those would remain constant and provide a foundational framework for a new strategic plan that was approved in December, 2018.

Informed by the MYSP survey completed in the spring of 2018, the June 2018 MYSP report card, and a number of conversations throughout of the fall of 2018, the Director and Senior Staff worked to identify both new Strategic Directions and corresponding goals for each of the three pre-identified strategic priorities.

There was an eye toward reducing the number of strategic directions and the number of goals. Nine strategic directions were reduced to six and 32 goals were reduced to 17.

Each of the six identified Strategic Directions of the MYSP have two to four goals which provide a focus to assist in the attainment of our Mission and Vision. For each of those goals, there are also a number of finite actions that were identified within the plan, that are seen as integral to the attainment of the articulated goals.

Each of the WCDSB staff departments responsible for the MYSP’s goals has completed a Strategic Direction Action Status Report in which they have reported back on the activities undertaken under the auspices of the strategic direction priority area.

As we navigate the early months of our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, we find that four of six Strategic Directions and 15 of 17 goals are progressing at an optimal level, having been rated at “Green” or “Effectively Meeting Standard”.

Two of the six Strategic Directions have some combination of “Green” (Effectively Meeting Standard) and “Orange” (Approaching Criteria), with the majority still being “Green”, as only two of 17 goals have been deemed to be “Orange.

There are no goals that have been assessed at “Red” (Not Meeting Criteria).

To review the detailed Report Card, please CLICK HERE and proceed to page 32.

We will be working diligently to ensure the forward momentum currently being experienced is maintained in the coming year. This will require a strong culture of collaboration, collective efficacy, high expectations and innovation.

There are many points of celebration and there is clear direction in terms of the work for the year ahead. We can be most proud that our Vision and Mission – which are firmly rooted in our faith and gospel values – are recognized as our strongest or most clearly affirmed indicator.