Municipal Election Day is Monday, October 24, 2022.

Make sure your school support designation is “English Separate” (Catholic). It’s a powerful message in support of Waterloo Region’s Catholic schools & Catholic education.

Many people assume they are registered Catholic school supporters when, in fact, they are not.


Only Roman Catholic school supporters may vote for Catholic School Trustees.

All Catholics are eligible to support Catholic education – not just those with children in school!

You don’t have to have children in school to direct your school support to Catholic education. In Waterloo Region there are more people who DO NOT have children in school than DO have children in school. Your support is vital to the continuation of our Catholic education system. It is an investment in our future — and all Catholic ratepayers are partners with Catholic educators in this investment.

Have you moved?

Even if you have been a Catholic school supporter in the past, the designation DOES NOT follow you when you relocate. You are automatically designated a public school board supporter.

Every time you move, it is essential that you re-declare yourself as a Catholic school supporter.

  • Check the assessment section of your Tax Bill or Property Assessment Notice
  • Check your Voter Information Card received during a municipal election year.

What to do if you are NOT registered as a Catholic school supporter, but want to designate your support to Catholic Education:

If you are NOT registered as a Catholic school supporter — but want to designate your support to Catholic Education — you need to fill out the Application for Direction of School Support.

When a Roman Catholic and a Non-Catholic are jointly responsible for the payment of property taxes — either directly through ownership or indirectly through the payment of rent — a Catholic School Support Lease is required. This is simply a technical tool designed to give the Roman Catholic the sole right to determine the school support of her or his residence.

Please visit this website for the forms and more information:

When you have updated your forms, you have two options:

  • Return the forms to your child’s school.
  • If you do not have children attending school, drop your forms at your nearest WCDSB school – or drop them at (or mail them to) the WCDSB head office: 35 Weber St., W., Kitchener, ON, N2G 4G2.

At the Polling Station on Election Day:

  • Verify that you are registered as a separate school supporter. If your support status is incorrect, ask for an ‘Application to Amend Voters’ List’. This form may be completed and submitted at the polling station.
  • Ensure the ballot you are given is a separate school ballot.

If you have any questions, please contact the Waterloo Catholic District School Board at 519-578-3660 Ext. 2355.