It’s very true when we say our #WCDSBAwesome @WCDSBNewswire schools “welcome the world”!

Two years ago, Maroush was a newly-arrived government assisted refugee at Reception House Waterloo Region. On May 29, 2018, she and her St. David CSS project partner Shealynn, presented their $5,000 Youth Philanthropy Initiative Award (YPI) to Reception House!

Every year, our WCDSB Newcomer Reception Centre (@WCDSBNewcomer) welcomes dozens and dozens of newcomer students into our #HeartOfTheCommunity school system. Much of that work is done in partnership with Reception House.

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) grants hundreds of thousands of dollars to community-based social service charities each year — 100% decided by thousands of high school students in the program’s school-based philanthropy project. YPI is offered free of charge to secondary schools, with one major enrolment requirement: it must be provided inclusively to all students across a grade level, as a marked project within any mandatory course. YPI currently works with secondary schools in Canada, Scotland, New York City and Northern Ireland.