St. Brigid Catholic School represents the true definition of a community. A community is a group of people having common ties or interests and living in the same area. At St. Brigid our community begins with our students, expands to our staff, and then continues to build outward to include our families, and the wider community of Ayr and surrounding farmland.

Our history is a strong part of who we currently are. Originally a group of three settlements, Mudge’s Mills, Jedburgh, and Nithvale joined together to form the community of Ayr. Historically, Blessed Sacrament and St. Gregory Parish were an integral part of our faith as we began St. Brigid Mission. We are now bringing the best parts of our past with us to the future as we continue our spiritual growth with the Blessed Sacrament community.

This year will be filled with many new and exciting changes, not only in our faith, but in our school facility. We will be extending our roots to a new building in January 2018. We are 21st century learners who will be moving into a 21st century school. We are filled with gratitude toward the many people who have played an integral role in creating this new facility for us. Each day we look out of our school window into the windows of our future. We are excited to continue our traditions from the past and look forward to creating new ones together in our faith based community.
We always take pride in what we do and say, in all our work and when we play, especially when we can do this as members of a tight knit rural community.