Dear WCDSB Community,

We hope that this communication finds you well.  It has been an eventful few weeks since last we communicated, and today’s letter will bring some important updates.  As you well know at this point, it was announced by the Premier on Wednesday, June 2nd that in person schooling would not be returning this school year.  We know that for many students and indeed for many staff this was a disappointing update and not the news for which we were hoping.  It is difficult to be ending a second year in a row remotely, but we do know it will set us up for a safe and healthy summer, and hopefully a strong return to in person learning in the fall.

End of Year Activities:

We are conscious that without a formal return to school, we once again have to contemplate bringing closure to our year and also complete some tasks associated with return of school materials and retrieval of personal belongings.  It will also be an opportunity to return any learning devices students were loaned from their schools or any textbooks they may have.  To facilitate this process, the last day of synchronous learning for all elementary schools, including St Isidore, will be Thursday June 24th.   June 25th, June 28th, and June 29th will be asynchronous learning days, where work will be posted, and students will be invited to come into their schools to return materials and connect with teachers.

Elementary Schools:

Keeping in mind all our obligations to our health and safety protocols, our elementary aged students will be invited to come to their schools at an appointed time to say a final in-person good-bye to their teacher and to allow for some personal connections with some classmates.  Principals will develop a schedule for their school and communicate those details to students and families once they are finalized.  We hope to not inconvenience parents more than once as they bring their children to the school for their good-bye.

Recognizing Elementary Graduates:

Graduates will also receive communications from their schools with details about virtual graduation ceremonies, and about any drive-by / walk-by graduation ceremonies that are planned.  This will allow for a celebration of this milestone, for photos and final in person good-byes.

Secondary Schools:

The last day for synchronous learning in Secondary with be June 22nd, with June 23rd and 24th as final assessment days.   The dates of June 24th and 25th will be used for device retrieval and textbook collection (June 28th and 29th will be available as need be as well).  School Administration will communicate the schedule and process.  June 24th is the last day for Community Active Living and ELL students.

Recognizing Secondary Graduates:

As has been previously communicated, a great deal of preparation has been underway for our graduates.  The secondary schools have been coordinating efforts and engaged in much planning to ensure our graduates are celebrated to the best of our ability.  Comprehensive virtual graduation ceremonies are currently planned for the fall and in-person celebratory drive-by/walk by ceremonies are planned for this spring.  We want to honour the considerable accomplishments of our many graduates.  We are very proud of you!  More details about these events will be provided by your local school.

Transition Survey Results for 2021-2022 School Year:

Thank you to all parents and families for completing our Transition Survey for next school year.  We have just under 600 students registered for St Isidore elementary school next year and approximately 200 students who desired online learning for secondary.  As the 200 secondary students are spread over 5 schools, 4 grades and multiple courses, a decision has been made that delivery will occur through a hybrid model (online and in-person students are in the same class), so that students can learn online and still access most of the course offerings they might desire.

Learning Kits for next year:

Finally, just a short word to say that once again we will be providing students and families from grades JK – 12 with WCDSB Learning Kits.  Look here to see what to expect:

 Student Kits – List of Items.pdf   It is a small way to ensure heath and safety, while saying to you that you matter to us!  We value your faith in WCDSB, and we cannot wait to welcome you back!

Thanks for your continued support and let’s have a great end to the school year, and an even better, healthier summer and school year ahead!  It’s going to be #WCDSBAwesome !


Loretta Notten

Director of Education