January 30, 2020

At the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, we are grateful for the quality, inclusive, faith-based education provided to our students.

We are proud and thankful to all stakeholders for their contribution to the education provided in our Catholic schools across Waterloo Region and Ontario.

As elected representatives for the WCDSB our primary focus is and always has been on student achievement, well-being and the preservation of Catholic education. Student success is achieved when all board staff, including, but not limited to, teachers, administrators, senior administration and support staff work collaboratively with one another, families, students and the broader community. As a system, we are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming place for all learners, where all are called to belong and for this, we are thankful.

This is certainly a challenging time for education in Ontario, which is why we will continue to advocate on behalf of students, families and staff to receive the funding and support needed for success. As a Board of Trustees, we believe education must be seen as an investment and a priority.

We hope that there is a return to the bargaining process and that all work collaboratively to reach a resolution that puts our students’ success and well-being first, while continuing to improve upon our world-class education in a responsible, respectful and equitable manner.

Bill Conway, Chair — Waterloo Catholic District School Board

(On Behalf of the WCDSB Board of Trustees)