Out of Boundary Admissions

Out of boundary/out of region families/guardians may make application for their child(ren) to attend a Catholic Elementary or Secondary School through the out of boundary/out of region application process. However such application does not necessarily guarantee admission.

All requests to attend an elementary/secondary school other than the home school, will be addressed as follows:

  • The parent/guardian must submit an Out of Boundary/Out of Region Application
  • Applications will be kept on file in the order of date received;
  • Applications will be considered on an individual basis and where there is capacity within the school, and
  • A copy of the out of boundary form shall be returned to the parent/guardian once a disposition has been made.

Out of boundary students are not eligible for transportation services.

An out of boundary student attending an Elementary Catholic School in grade 8 is not automatically entitled to attend the Catholic Secondary School to which the Elementary School is a feeder school. The student shall be directed to his/her home Catholic Secondary School or may apply for an out of boundary/out of region admission. The Elementary School must inform the student and parent/guardian of the Catholic Secondary School boundary during the time period (October/ November) when initial application is being made to the Secondary Schools.