Homestay Program

International Education - Homestay

The WCDSB is available to assist with both custodial and homestay placement for students. Please contact for more information. The home-stay services are coordinated with, and offered by, two local service providers.

Home Stay Services Includes:

  1. Welcoming family atmosphere
  2. Private bedroom and study area
  3. 3 nutritious meals each day
  4. Supervised internet access
  5. Accompanying student to necessary appointments and services.

Note: Home-stay coordination is offered by two local 3rd party companies who handle all aspects of the program delivery and communicate with custodian on an ongoing basis. The school board only facilitates the arrangements to support the best interest of the students.

Damage to the contents of the host family’s home will be the responsibility of the student. Reimburse will be made directly to the family at the student’s expense. Any disputes between the host family and the student can be brought forward to the school board for resolution. (ie. Appliances, furniture, structural) If required, the student’s parents will be involved in the discussion.

Parents wishing to travel with their child to Canada must arrange their own accommodation. Home-stays are not required to host parents during their stay.