The WCDSB’s French Immersion Program is an inclusive, opt-in program that was first offered in the 2015-16 school year at St. Anne CES, Kitchener and Sir Edgar Bauer CES, Waterloo. In 2016-17, the program expanded to Cambridge and opened at Our Lady of Fatima CES.

The following recommendations were approved by the Board of Trustees on April 9, 2018:

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General Recommendations

That the Board update its French Immersion Plan by 2023, including a plan related to secondary French Immersion.

That the entry point for French Immersion remain as Grade 1.

That the Board prioritizes offering French Immersion at the same school for Grades 1 to 8.


That to address enrolment pressure, portables, boundary changes, and opening new French Immersion sites are contemplated before any other accommodation solution.

That the following criteria be prioritized when selecting schools for French Immersion:

  • Empty/underutilized space
  • Traffic impacts on school
  • Easily accessible location (close to highways/major road)

That the following new sites be considered for French Immersion:

  • Holy Rosary CES ‐2019
  • St. Luke CES ‐2019
  • New Huron Brigadoon school ‐2020
  • St. Peter CES ‐2020
  • New southeast Galt school ‐TBD

That French Immersion boundaries are modified to reflect the addition of new schools.


That the registration process remains the same until additional sites make prioritizing in‐boundary students more practical.


That the Board continues to allow students to attend the French Immersion program from outside of the school’s English boundary, subject to parents/guardians providing their own transportation. (No bussing will be provided for French Immersion)

That the Board work with municipalities and the school community to identify alternate drop‐off/pick‐up points to alleviate traffic congestion and safety issues immediately adjacent to the school.