Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

As we find ourselves in the full depth of the winter season, with mother nature currently flexing some of her muscle with cold and snow, we can be heartened by the warmth and support we find in one another.   Certainly the anticipation of the Family Day weekend which allows all of us to take a short pause and reconnect with those we care about provides that opportunity.

The world of education has not been fully business as usual for much of this school year, and yet we know that our staff remain fully committed to fostering welcoming, safe learning environments, that allow us to achieve our call to provide quality, inclusive, faith-based education.  We support the right to engage in the collective bargaining process and we continue to hope for a speedy resolution to the current labour situation.  We are proud of and grateful to our staff and school communities who work so hard each day to provide rich learning environments that allow each child to thrive to their fullest God-given potential.

As we begin the Family Day weekend, let me offer thanks to our parents for entrusting your most precious children to our care, our sincere appreciation to our dedicated staff and our gratitude for our many diverse and talented students who give us our reason to care and to serve.  Enjoy a restful Family Day weekend and know that at Waterloo Catholic, you and your family are indeed #CalledToBelong.