Suspension & Expulsion – APC012

Reviewed/Revised: October 2019


The provincial Code of Conduct is designed to promote safety and foster the principles of respect and responsible citizenship in Ontario schools. The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) recognizes the significance of safe, inclusive, and nurturing schools and seeks to foster such environments by employing a restorative focus which respects the dignity of all persons and seeks to build loving relationships. Conditions arise however, in which the safety and wellbeing of the community may warrant a suspension or an expulsion.

The purpose of this AP memorandum is to outline the policies and procedures related to suspension and expulsion as well as the appeals process and programmes for students who have received an expulsion, as mandated by the Education Act. The memorandum will clarify the activities which lead to possible suspension or expulsion, the mitigating circumstances which may affect the decision to suspend or expel the collection and disclosure of student information, and the duties and authorities of teachers, principals, the WCDSB, and the appeal committee.

In all actions, the Board strives to be transparent, consistent, and compassionate while recognising the need to respond each circumstance individually and balancing the needs of the learning community with those of the individual student.

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