WCDSB Fraud and Accountability Line

The WCDSB Fraud and Accountability Line (the “Line”) is an independent third party hotline service that allows concerned individuals to anonymously report issues and concerns in a secure, multi-lingual, 24 hour/365 days a year manner via telephone or through the web.

All users of the Line should be familiar with the Board Policy on Fraud and Accountability (APB 006) which can be accessed at the following link: APB006
All complaints reported through the Line will be treated as confidential, whether received anonymously or otherwise.

If you are an employee, please be reminded of the WCDSB Code of Conduct, and the Board’s various policies for Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, Violence, and Bullying as well as the procedures to follow as outlined in your respective Collective Agreement and/or Terms of Employment.

If a complainant cannot address the issue directly with an appropriate Board employee, they should access the WCDSB Fraud and Accountability Line to file a statement.  All other stakeholders are encouraged to report any perceived wrongdoings directly to the WCDSB Fraud and Accountability Line either:

Toll Free:            1-888-611-1788, or
Online:                https://ethics.crawco.ca/
Log In:                 wcdsb