October 2021

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, it’s hard to believe that we have already shared five weeks of this school year together. Whether you are attending school in person, or virtually, as a Board of Trustees we would like to take this opportunity to welcome all students, teachers, staff and administrators to this school year.

We know that we are still in a period of change, and this year has its own unique challenges, but we want to take this moment to reflect and welcome everyone back to Waterloo Catholic.

This school year is different yet again from a typical school year; however, our focus on creating a welcoming and safe space for all students to learn and reach their full potential is always our priority.

To those transitioning to a new school, possibly for their first year of kindergarten, or high school, or to new mode of learning, we recognize the challenges of a new transition. We offer you our support and thank you for your grit and resilience.

To all of the loving adults at home – thank you for supporting your children and schools while everyone continues to adjust to the new reality of this school year.

To all the teachers, staff and administrators – thank you once again for stepping up to create a safe and welcoming environment for our students. We are grateful for all of you. Thank you for your perseverance, resiliency, empathy, compassion, respect, understanding, hope and faith.

May the Lord bless our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and hope that we all have the opportunity to safely spend time with family and friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful school year. Stay strong, positive, and hopeful – you’ve got this!

God bless,
Board of Trustees