Preparing for the Return-To-School:
Reflections and Resources for Families

Return to school

Welcome to the WCDSB Mentally Health Return-to-School webpage!  2021-22 is another school year where our excitement for the return-to-school may be complicated with some layers of worry and uncertainty.  We want our students and their families come into this year feeling calm, confident and equipped to move through this transition.  We have done this before, and we can do it again!

This page has been created as a resource for all families – please take a moment to explore some of these resources!

Resources for Teens:

Promoting wellbeing at home with younger children:

Build resiliency skills through stories:

Student Mental Health Ontario Read Aloud

Student Mental Health Ontario Read Aloud

Is your child/teen having trouble getting back on track with sleep?

Adolescent Sleep During COVID-19

Are you concerned about this back-to-school transition?

Finding our Way Back: Understanding and Responding to Post-Pandemic “Back-to-School” Worries (podcast)

Antonietta Leonardo, Special Education Liaison
Mary Goerzen-Sheard, Psychoeducational Consultant
Caylie Bogdan, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
Marlene Maddocks, School Social Worker
Sharon Porty, Mental Health Lead

Join our podcast as we explore the following areas that relate to the return to in-person learning:

What can we be working on now to prepare our children/teens for a smooth return to school?

How can we proactively build coping skills that will help our kids feel more equipped and confident for the return to school to the school building?

What if my child/teen is resistant to going?

Where can we access help if we need it?

All are welcome to join: whether your child/teen is returning to in-class learning this fall or at a later date, we hope you will benefit from this discussion on proactive strategies to support that transition.  Getting started early on skills and perspectives can help set the stage for success down the road.


Are you looking for more information about mental health and local supports? Check out our main Mental Health and Wellbeing page at

WCDSB Parent Wellbeing Series

Daily Anchors and Guided Meditation

Self Compassion and Eliciting Growth

Recognizing Signs of Internal Struggle

Self Care

Umbrella Project: Self-care Practices for Parents

Presented by: Dr. Jen Forristal

Parent well-being is necessary in order for children to receive the social and emotional support that they need from them. This workshop is focused on self-care practices for parents. Participants will discover what their Umbrella looks like, understand their strengths and explore opportunities for growth. In addition, they will learn how to build a personalized daily well-being practice to nurture their health and mindset.

Umbrella Project: Reframing Challenges as a Vehicle to Developing Coping Skills

Presented by: Dr. Jen Forristal

Challenges are an inevitable part of growing up. As difficult as it can be to watch our children face these obstacles, they play an essential role in the development of the coping skills required to weather life’s toughest days. In this presentation, participants will learn how to support their children through challenges and allow these inevitable difficulties to become powerful well-being tools instead of missed opportunities.