Math Pathways and Course Information Sheets

Download this Pathways Chart – [revJan28] – (PDF Format)

See your school site for specific pathways and math courses that may differ from above. (e.g., details regarding AP or AP-Prep Math Courses)

Course Information

We are in the process of updating all of our Secondary Math Course SIS documents.  Please reference the most up-to-date chart above for information regarding Math Pathways

Grade 9

MTH1W – De-Streamed


Grade 10

MPM2D – Academic

MFM2P – Applied

MAT2L – Essential

Grade 11

MCRU3U – University

MCF3M – University/College

MBF3C – College

MEL3E – Workplace

Grade 12

MCV4U – Calculus

MHF4U – Advanced Functions

MDM4U – Data Management

MCT4C – College Tech

MAP4C – College Math

MEL4E – Workplace