St. Vincent de Paul Overview

Thirty years ago St. Vincent de Paul School in Cambridge Ontario was born.  While construction of the building was taking longer than expected, St. Vincent de Paul students borrowed a space with St. Ambrose School students in their Chalmers St. location.  By Christmas time of that year the new construction was complete and St. Vincent de Paul students moved into their new place on Faial Road.  As it was constructed as a port-a-pack, a series of portables joined together, their new ‘building’ was to be a temporary spot, meant to last no longer than 10-15 years.  Fast forward 29 years later when the announcement came out to build a permanent building, a brand new school.  In order to build the new school on the same property, it was necessary for St. Vincent de Paul students to relocate for 2 whole years.

Ironically we were moved to the St. Ambrose location on Chalmers St, which had closed June 2014.  And so the journey began, again.

We decided to embrace this with a positive mindset and treat it as an adventure, much like packing up for a vacation, like camping, only it was for 2 years.  We quickly discovered that people make a school, not the building.  And so it began, nesting our temporary place with the same vision we’ve always had; Heart of the Community, Success for Each, and a Place for All.  When you visit our Chalmers St. location you will feel the same positive vibe, with a warmth and welcoming spirit based on the life of Jesus.  We are focused, calm, helpful, cheery, and filled with collaborative energy to learn and grow.  Anyone that has moved after collecting 29 years of belongings knows how hard it can be.  We are so proud of how we transitioned.

We are committed to getting to know our friends at St. Francis School better.  They will be joining us when we move back to our new school in September 2018!  We are excited to become one community with them, using the same vision: Heart of the Community, Success for Each and a Place for All.

One more year, then we will be ‘on the move’ once again, but this time for GOOD!