St. Peter Overview

St. Peter CES
“Believing in Our Students”

The name, Peter, meaning ‘rock’, was selected by Jesus to indicate that St. Peter would be the rock-like foundation upon which the Church would be built. Similarly, St. Peter is the foundation upon which students develop their full academic, physical and social potential; with a school culture imbued with the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, it truly is the Heart of the Community.

St. Peter Catholic Elementary School opened in 1963 and experienced a period of rapid growth with the addition of two classrooms in 1967 and four additional classrooms and library in 1970.  Enrolment has since stabilized at 250 students, supported by thirty very dedicated teaching and support staff who keep the spirit of St. Peter alive and well!

St. Peter Catholic School is blessed with a committed and caring group of Catholic educators who give unselfishly in their pursuit to support the learning and growth of every student. It is the “together we can make a difference” team approach that sets our school apart. We have a thriving EXTRAmural program, an effective Student Government, and participation in many sports and academic activities throughout the WCDSB.

Our school actively supports early learning within the community through our hosting of the Cambridge Early Year’s Centre. Here, parents are given the opportunity to network as their children develop friendships through play. In the Full Day Early Learning program, the focus on ‘play’ as a means to early learning capitalizes on the natural exuberance of children.

The school also provides the Strong Start program to assist students in kindergarten and grade one with their early literacy skills.  Our after-school “Beyond the Bell” program focuses on academic support and social growth based on learning enhancement, health and recreation, values education and building self-confidence.  Academic support is offered to students from Grade 4 – 8 as Homework Clubs run after school most, and Corrective Reading is offered to students who need some timely intervention in their reading skills.

For more than 53 years, St. Peter Catholic School has been a model for the working relationship among parish, school and home. The promotion of social justice and prayer and liturgical celebration are integral elements of the St. Peter way of life. They include school masses, celebrations of the sacraments, food drives for St. Vincent de Paul, Mission Day and Santa for Seniors at Christmas to name a few.

As we make our way through the challenges of the 21st Century, St. Peter Catholic School will continue to be a safe and comfortable place of learning where students know they are loved and valued.

At St. Peter’s, we put our focus on our students and their future. We believe that, with our encouragement and support, our students can do anything they set their hearts and minds on.

We see our students as capable, talented, and gifted. We believe that our students can overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. We believe that our students can accomplish whatever goal they set for themselves.

At St. Peter, we believe that a child’s best chance at success in life is through life-long learning. We believe that all children can learn. We have purposefully built a community of adult and student learners to support our students in their journey.

To that end, we embrace our involvement in Ontario’s Renewed Math Strategy which is committed to helping students gain the math knowledge and skills they will need for their future. For one hour every day, all our students in all our grades receive protected Math learning time.

Using the latest research and lessons regarding effective Math learning, teaching and assessment, the strategy is providing new forms of support. We receive the assistance of a Math facilitator weekly, and we have purposeful and focused Professional Development for our educators under the direction of our Math Consultants.

Through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to their lives, students will develop mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and related technological skills that they can apply in their daily lives, and eventually, in the workplace.

Over the next couple of years St. Peter will continue to engage in conversations with educators and our partners to work collaboratively to continue to implement this strategy.

We want our students to succeed in life. We believe that, with intensive support in Math and an holistic approach to learning, our students can do anything.

At St. Peter, we believe in our students.