St. Augustine Overview

St. Augustine CES is Awesome!

This year, St. Augustine CES proudly celebrates its 25th Anniversary with pride. The school officially opened in September 1991 and continues to thrive as a Catholic Community, serving 440 students JK-8.

We are located in West Cambridge, nestled in the Blair Community and benefit from the partnership of Stepping Stone YMCA Day Care. Our school is comprised of 20 classrooms with a committed staff that devotes themselves to developing each and every child in mind, body and spirit.

We live the gospel values while dedicating much time to our Faith Journey through daily Religious Education, sacramental preparations, school-wide liturgical celebrations, a myriad of Social Justice Initiatives, and instruction on the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and character development.

We feel blessed to work in close partnership with St. Gregory Parish under the spiritual guidance of Father John Redmond. As part of the WCDSB belief that we are #PeopleofLove, we endeavor to apply these concepts to our daily interactions with students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our positive school climate permeates all that we do. Our halls are filled with proud staff and students sporting their spirit wear and participating enthusiastically in extra-curricular activities and in Student Council theme days. The words of our students exemplify 25 reasons why we are AWESOME. We make a difference each and every day. St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School is #WCDSBAwesome due to the commitment of the home, school and parish working collaboratively to educate all of our students. We are thankful to have the support and involvement of a generous parent community, enthusiastic volunteers and an active Catholic School Council. We are united in a common purpose with Father John Redmond, the Pastoral Team, Staff and Parents/Guardians, in ensuring the student experience is one of a discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith Community.

From the mouths of our St. Augustine students, watch our video to find out the 25 reasons why St. Augustine CES is Awesome! In the words of St. Augustine, “Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you.”