St. Anne – Cambridge Overview

St. Anne Catholic School, Cambridge

“Heart of the Community, Success For Each, A Place For All”

St. Anne School was opened in September 1965. It consisted of six classrooms with grades from kindergarten to six. Enrolment on September 7, 1965 was 210 students. The land was donated to the Waterloo Separate School Board and the tendered price for construction of the building was $234,479. In 1998, St. Patrick School and St. Anne School amalgamated.

St. Anne School closed temporarily while an addition of a gymnasium and six classrooms was completed and reopened in 1999. In September 2015, St. Anne School amalgamated with St. Ambrose School and again temporarily relocated while another addition was completed. The school reopened in 2016 and a Mass and a grand 50th Anniversary celebration was enjoyed by all. Currently the enrolment is 420 students with a staff of 54. Providing the best education possible for all students is the school’s focus.

The St. Anne School community is a unique and caring one. It boasts the first Breakfast Club, the first Block Parent Walking School Bus and the first Food4Kids program offered in a Cambridge School. Our students are offered many opportunities to grow as a Catholic school community through the STEAM (Skills & Tools for Emotions Awareness and Management) program, Student Government, Eco Designated School, Sign Language Club and many other sports, programs and clubs. The Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre is a community partner located in our building, offering a host of programs such as Community Outreach and before and after-school activities.

Students and staff have always been well-noted for their warmth and friendliness, reflecting the family tradition in our community. Together as a faith community, students, parents and staff actively support social justice events, demonstrate commitment to humanity and devotion to our faith. They demonstrate the call to service through their many acts of kindness, showing their concern for others as they donate food and mittens to the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank, and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

The School Council is very active all the time, assisting in fund-raising, school safety, communication and volunteering wherever necessary. As we continue to grow and bring two school communities together we begin a new journey of recreating ourselves and creating new traditions.

Father Irek from the St. Ambrose parish team and the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate/Marian Residence support our religious and sacramental programs. Partnerships between the parish, school and home are encouraged and supported through liturgies of the word and Masses. St. Anne School strives to satisfy the needs of the student as a whole individual by identifying where that particular student is and moving forward from there. St. Anne School has a number of special needs students who are active, integrated participants in every aspect of the school.

Building and strengthening a Growth Mindset and Resiliency is a continuing focus. We encourage each student to discover and maximize their God-given potential and model the Image of Jesus; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and academically.

We look forward to continual academic, spiritual, and social growth, as we work together as a Catholic school community.