St. Aloysius Overview

St. Aloysius is a unique school community that is privileged to be represented by families from 20 countries speaking 28 languages. Our goal is to ensure that all children feel valued, and that the specific needs of students from language backgrounds other than English, including new arrivals and refugees are supported both academically and socially. The school has adopted what could be described as an active integrated whole-school approach. Cultural diversity is acknowledged throughout our school community, with inclusive approaches taken with students of all backgrounds. Students are encouraged to share their culture, fostering a safe, cohesive and inclusive environment!
Our school boasts an amazing group of talented and dedicated staff members, who strive to provide the very best experiences and opportunities for all of our students in many ways: academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. As enrolment grows, many of our new students continue to arrive from different countries. Regardless of where they come from regionally and globally, it is with great pride that we reflect on how our student, staff, church and parent communities welcome and address the varying and sometimes challenging needs of our new arrivals. A wonderful sense of collaboration resonates throughout the halls of St. Aloysius School!

The most obvious impact you will discover when you enter St. Aloysius is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are very proud of how friendly our staff and students conduct themselves to visitors and new students. We believe that many of our children really know how to welcome newcomers because they know what it is like to “be” a newcomer! The many diverse cultures represented at St. Aloysius are what make our school so unique and rich in opportunity.

Our connection to the church still remains a key link in our identity as Catholic educators. We take pride in participating, whether in a large or small way, to create meaningful liturgical celebrations. As well, we are so proud to provide the best opportunities for our students to grow academically in the faith of Jesus Christ!

We believe that the fundamentals of the Catholic Social Teachings are an essential part of the Catholic faith – we are people called to live with integrity, compassion, responsibility, and concern for others. We endeavour to promote the theme of human dignity and that everyone is worthy of respect.

As we move forward, let us, as a school community, continue to work together in providing endless opportunities for our students to become successful, life-long learners and leaders! In addition, let us all continue to endeavour in making St. Aloysius Catholic School an environment where our children feel confident, safe and a place where they strive to be the very best that they can be!