Monsignor Haller Overview

Monsignor Haller Catholic School was officially opened on November 14, 1971.  This school year, 2016-2017, marks the 45th anniversary of the school community!  The school was named in honour of Monsignor Rueben H. Haller, a well-respected cleric of the Kitchener-Waterloo area and an advocate for Catholic Education.

At the time of its opening the school population was 189 students and 17 staff members.  During the 1990’s the enrolment surged into the 400’s. Currently there are 245 students and 29 staff members.   During its 40 year history there have been three administrative assistants and nine principals.

Monsignor Haller School has received the benefit of the support and presence of the priests and pastoral assistants of Blessed Sacrament Parish. Students and staff are grateful for this very important faith connection over the years and look forward to continuing these ties.

Though unofficial, Monsignor Haller has always been known as the “Small school with a Big heart”.  This statement has proven very true throughout the years.  Responses to world and community needs have always been met with overwhelming generosity.

Many programs which benefit the students and the community have been and continue to be offered.  Participation in such activities such as the Breakfast Club, Strong Start, athletic clubs, gardening club, and our ‘famous’ annual events: The Marble Tournament, The Haller Carnival and our Fiction Festival!  These, as well as numerous other extra-curricular activities, help to develop our students into caring citizens of our world.

As we look into the future we are honoured to carry on the traditions of this “Small school with a Big heart” and to strengthen our faith and academic commitments.

~ Let all of our children at Monsignor Haller Catholic School continue to “work together” and remember the goodness from which our school was created upon ~