Christ the King Overview

At Christ the King, we have many things to celebrate and one of our particular strengths is the presence of a strong student voice.  The video and the write up below were completely created and edited by a group of Grade 7 and 8 students who, like the rest of the staff and students, consistently show Courage, Teamwork, and Kindness at our school.   Way to go Bobcats!

We See God at CTK

Where do we see God at CTK? Well, essentially, God is everywhere throughout the world, even in our tiny school of 255 students. God is one thing that bonds us together as a family, community and a school.

We have numerous school wide activities involving the entire community, however a long time tradition of the Make a Change Committee thrives throughout Christ the King. The Make a Change Committee actively encourages community involvement in keeping with our Christian values and bettering the world. We construct various projects to raise money, food and awareness, both for the local and global communities. Some of the past efforts for the local neighborhood is Mo Muscle and the Cambridge Humane Society.  We also supported a larger project for Fort McMurray and buying goats to help create independence and a sustainable income for the families in Africa. Awareness was spread throughout the school by participating in the vow of silence to honour those without a voice, both physically and metaphorically.

The staff and students are involved in the daily doings of God through regular acts of kindness. In Christ the King, holding the door and including everyone is just two of the expectations that kick in right as you enter the doors of our school.  The students all support each other by offering assistance academically, socially and emotionally throughout the whole school day.

A new tradition that we hope to carry on for years to come and share is Christian Meditation. We have already passed this form of meditation on to Saint Benedict’s. Christian meditation is not just about having the best education and focus but also about becoming connected with God. It gives students the chance to tell their problems in a calming atmosphere to God and pray to Him to help or just to give thanks. A class sitting in a circle with their legs crossed gives an image of unity, specifically the time where it is customary to chant MA-RA-NA-THA as a whole. Students say that after doing this procedure everyday, they felt closer to their family and to God and sometimes felt like God was speaking back to them or that He was just there. Also, the students and staff alike have said that the children who do this are much calmer and ready to learn, which is why many classes have taken up doing Christian meditation after recesses or when they are hyper. Christian meditation has become a daily part of every Christ the King’s students day.

At Christ the King we accept everyone no matter their differences because we are all children of God. As a Christian community we respect any individual that God has made.  God made each of us different and unique and we all deserve to be loved.  IT DOESN’T MATTER HERE. In fact, it shouldn’t matter anywhere. Christ the King promotes the idea of an equal world where no one is excluded or judged unfairly for simply being themselves.  At our school, we have many cultures to celebrate, people who speak different languages, and they all have friends or teachers that they can rely on for anything. Christ the King may be a small school compared to others, but in every student and staffs’ heart, is a heart of gold because every one of these people who walk in the front doors,  God and Jesus in their heart.

God is here at CTK