The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program allows grade 11 & 12 students to experience their future career while in high school! Students complete certifications and training, a Co-op placement and take a bundle of courses related to their major.  By completing these 3 components, students will earn a special designation on their diploma proving they have knowledge, experience and skills in their future employment sector.

Arts & Culture, Business, Construction, Energy, Health, ICT, Justice, Sports and Transportation are just some of the 13 majors offered at our Secondary Schools.

Participating in SHSM gives students the opportunity to gain important skills on the job with actual employers, at skills training centres and at school, while earning valuable industry certifications including first aid and CPR qualifications.

Grade 11 & 12 Students:
Be sure to sign up before the deadline of October 12!

Grade 9 & 10 Students:
You are welcome to sign up at anytime, as you will receive further support with course selection in grade 10 going into your senior years. However, the program will begin Grade 11.

For more information, visit the SHSM Explained area of or contact