Recruitment and Hiring During COVID-19

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) continues to adjust its actions and plans based on the guidance and information from our local Public Health authority.  The WCDSB has suspended face-to-face recruitment activities.   However, we continue to accept applications for postings.  

Our Human Resource Services (HRS) department is working remotely and appreciate your patience during this period.

Closure:   In accordance with the direction of the Ministry of Education, on March 12, 2020, all schools within the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) are to remain closed until May 4, 2020.  The date of May 4, 2020 will be reassessed by the Ministry in late April to identify whether this closure will continue.

 Job Postings:  The Human Resource Services department of the WCDSB remains open and is actively recruiting during this period of closure

At this time, the WCDSB will continue to post jobs openings on the Careers section of our website.

Interviews:  The board prefers face-to-face engagement when interviewing for most of our positions.

During the period of closure, the WCDSB is exploring forums where we can engage in virtual interviews for some of our job postings. For those postings where a virtual interview is not possible, we will defer interviews until after the closure.

Where there are candidates who do not have the availability to participate in a virtual interview, we will conduct those interviews after the closure.

For positions where the candidate would be required to be very familiar with technology, we would expect that a virtual interview would be a norm.

Candidates who were offered a position or advised they were successful in in their interview, prior to the closure:   If you are a candidate who was either offered a position with the WCDSB or you were advised by a member of the Human Resource Services (HRS) department that you had a successful interview, you will receive an email communication from HRS during the period of closure identifying the next onboarding date for your hire.


Onboarding:  The HRS department of the WCDSB has identified a tentative onboarding date of May 14, 2020.   If the closure continues beyond May 4, 2020, the WCDSB will update the information on this site to identify a new onboarding date.

If you were provided with an email inviting you to attend to the May 14th date, and it is subsequently cancelled, please continue to check the information on the WCDSB website, as well as any communication sent direction to you by the HRS department.