Physical Containment of Students – APH012

Reviewed/Revised: May 2020


The Waterloo District School Board (WCDSB) recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and supportive learning and teaching environment for all students and staff.  The WCDSB also fosters the principles of respect and responsible citizenship in Ontario schools.  Staff may also refer to Administrative Procedures Memorandum APC018 Code of Conduct regarding additional issues related to safety.

The WCDSB encourages the use of non-violent means to resolve conflict and promote safety of all in schools in accordance with Section 301(2) of the Education Act.  This Guideline for Physical Containment of Students provides a consistent response to injurious, including self-injurious, student behaviour. This Guideline recognizes that when safety is an issue there may be situations where physical containment may be necessary as a last resort in order to ensure safety for all.

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