Advanced Placement (AP) – Enriched Curriculum Delivery – APC045

Reviewed/Revised:  May 2020


The purpose of this memorandum is to outline a common approach and a consistent practice of providing programming for students that require an Enriched Curriculum at secondary school. Enriched Curriculum is defined as an audited body of measurable knowledge and skills that extends beyond the Ontario Curriculum Expectations and provides highly able students with the rigour needed to succeed in post-secondary studies.

Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum will be used to offer students this Enriched Curriculum. AP Preparation and AP programs provide the benchmark by which universities measure the potential of their incoming students.  AP students develop study habits, writing and problem solving skills, and the confidence to meet to academic challenges of University.  In addition to earning university equivalency credits, research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP experience greater academic success in University.

Designing and implementing an authentic Enriched Curriculum pathway for highly able learners is essential to fulfill  the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s vision: “Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community ~ success for each and a place for all.”

This policy recognizes the academic and social needs of the highly able learner by supporting and assisting students in realizing their full potential.

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