School Resource Officer (SRO) Program Review



The WCDSB believes that all students have the right to be safe and to learn and live in communities where inclusion, equity and diversity are valued and promoted.

For a number of years, the WCDSB has worked with the Waterloo Region Police Service to implement the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program in our schools. The goals of the SRO Program are to develop a positive relationship between youth and police, reduce youth victimization, and partner with school staff to proactively address student, family, and school issues.

At this time, the WCDSB is reviewing the SRO Program to determine how well it is achieving its original goals. This review will answer the following questions:

  1. How effectively is the original mandate of the SRO program — related to relational, proactive policing — being realized in the WCDSB?
  2. How (if at all) is systemic racism experienced within the context of the SRO program?
  3. Are marginalized students disproportionately suspended/expelled where SRO police involvement is also a factor?
  4. How do racialized students view and experience police within the SRO program compared with police in their community?
  5. What role should police have in schools to ensure equitable outcomes for all students?

How to Participate

Key to this review is hearing directly from students, staff, and the community about their perceptions of and experiences with the School Resource Officers.

Staff and other members of the school community are encouraged to add their voice to this review by participating in an online survey.  Grade 10-12 students who are unable to complete the survey in school can also participate here:


You can also register to join a virtual small group conversation about the SRO Program: