Staff Development

WCDSB is committed to providing targeted, research based staff development activities to build capacity, skills and knowledge for Principals, teachers (both classroom and special education) educational assistants, and allied professionals to ensure that high quality programs and services are provided for all our students. Topics for staff development are suggested and developed through many sources including; school staffs, board level special education staff, SEAC, parents and senior level administration and the Ministry of Education.

Each year the WCDSB Board Plan for Improved Student Learning and Achievement is developed. The plan has the input of Senior Administration, school Principals, Learning Services staff and members of SEAC. This plan outlines the direction for the upcoming school year from JK to Grade 12 and assists in shaping the staff development needs of our system. As well, Ministry of Education directives and priorities influence our system staff development priorities.

The WCDSB Board Plan is available at and scroll down the list under About Us to the document listed there.

There are many staff development workshops and inservices are advertised and conducted for all staff throughout WCDSB. Some examples are listed below:

  • Educational Assistants will continue to have system PD days dedicated to training. Sample workshops included; Geneva Centre Training in Autism related topics, Assistive Technology Training, Behaviour Management Systems Training, and Health and Safety Training.
  • All teachers new to special education receive additional training throughout the school year through in-service delivered by our Special Education Resource Teachers, and through a combination of opportunities offered by other Learning Services Staff.
  • The Board has participated in a number of joint professional development arrangements with community partners (e.g. Family & Children's Services, Lutherwood, KidsLink) for presentations to Board staff; or pooling resources to bring in speakers (e.g. from the Alliance for Children and Youth). Collaborative ventures with various providers of children's services (e.g. Imagine, EIEI) have resulted in informal and formal professional development for both school and community staff.
  • WCDSB staff have participated in staff development opportunities in such topics as Autism, Individual Education Plans, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Universal Supports, Gifted Education, and targeted Literacy Programs such as Empower and Corrective Reading.


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