It’s that time of year! Advent is here, and soon Christmas will be upon us. It’s snow season — and that means it’s time to review the WCDSB’s Inclement Weather Policy.

Winter weather can be very unpredictable. So it’s best to be prepared. Here are some key things to remember – because not every day with snow is a snow day:

  1. Bad weather — such as a snow storm or frigid temperatures — is always a possibility during the winter months. It is very important to dress appropriately for the conditions.
  1. During bad weather, schools and board administrative sites may still be open, even if school buses are cancelled.
  1. At 5:30 a.m. on mornings when inclement weather has been forecast for Waterloo Region, the General Manager of Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) assesses the current weather conditions – in consultation with local bus companies, if necessary. If a recommendation to cancel transportation (including potential closure of schools) is to be made, the local Directors of Education are contacted and a joint decision is made between STSWR, the WCDSB and the Waterloo Region District School Board.
  1. All reasonable efforts are made to announce any cancellation of buses or school closures by 6:00 a.m.
  1. It is recommended that parents, guardians, staff and students tune in a local Waterloo Region radio station and also monitor the following online information sources for information about potential closures or cancellations:

STSWR Website:

STSWR Twitter Feed: @STSWR

WCDSB Website:

WCDSB Twitter Feed: @WCDSBNewswire