Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

SEAC members are expected to:

  • Advise and recommend to the Board of Trustees on special education programs and services relative to:
    • Annual review of Special Education Plan
    • Special education budget
    • Staffing
    • Staff training and development
    • Program philosophy, design, modification and delivery
    • Instructional equipment and materials
    • Accommodation and playgrounds
    • Transportation – policies and practices
    • Community resources
  • Respond to the needs of all exceptional pupils within the board
  • Be available as a resource for parents of exceptional students
  • Acquire and maintain a working knowledge of special education programs and services
  • Advise SEAC colleagues of concerns relative to the students, parents and association whom he/she represents

SEAC Members

Chair: Irene Holdbrook, CNIB Southwest Region

Staff Resources:
Laura Shoemaker, Superintendent of Learning, Special Education
Gerald Foran, Principal, Section 23 & Learning Services

SEAC Representative


Organization Contact Information

Jeanne Gravelle, Trustee Waterloo Catholic District School Board 519-578-3660
Tracey Weiler, Trustee Waterloo Catholic District School Board 519-578-3660
Sue Simpson Waterloo Region Family Network 519-886-9150
Kimberly Murphy Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society 519-896-4488
John Gilbert Waterloo Regional Police 519-579-9668
Irene Holdbrook CNIB 519-742-3536
Cindy Benedetti Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region 519-576-0540

 Did You Know That…

School boards are legally required to provide appropriate programs and services to all students regardless of their needs. Further to that, the Education Act (Section 82, Subsection 2) requires that each school board “shall establish a Special Education Advisory Committee”. In keeping with this legislation, and our own Catholic philosophy of serving all students in a Christ-centered environment, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board has a Special Education Advisory Committee.

SEAC is committed to ensuring that each student continuously grows in a holistic sense-spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Following this mandate SEAC is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Trustees in respect of any matter related to the development, review, and provision of education programs and services for students with exceptional needs.

The legal definition of an exceptional student is one who’s behavioural, communication, intellectual, and physical abilities are such that he/she needs a modified learning program. Special education services are the support personnel and equipment necessary to implement a special education program.

SEAC Committee membership is presently comprised of 12 local associations and community representatives, and two school board trustees, all of whom are appointed by the full Board of Trustees for a three year term. The Supervisory Officer responsible for Special Education serves as administrative resource to the Committee.

SEAC Meeting Schedule

SEAC meets normally on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings take place in the Board Room at 35 Weber St. W., Unit A, Kitchener and are open to the public. Delegations wishing to address the Committee must register five calendar days prior to the meeting by calling 578-3660 and speaking with the office of the Superintendent of Student Services. Each delegation will be allowed 10 minutes to present.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Contact Information

Special Education Advisory Committee
Waterloo Catholic District School Board

35 Weber St. West, Unit A
PO Box 91116
Kitchener, ON, Canada
N2G 4G2

Phone: 519.578.3660
Email: info@wcdsb.ca (Please put SEAC in the subject line of your email).