Bring Your Own Device and Purchase Program

Conditions of bringing personal devices to WCDSB

  • Students may bring his/her personal computer device to use within his/her classroom/school. Applications and programs accessible from or installed on the personal devices can be implemented for classroom use at the discretion of the school staff as they relate to and support student learning.
  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board will not provide any technical support for the maintenance of the software and/or hardware of a personal device.
  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is not liable for any complications arising at any of its locations, including failure of the device or any software installed thereon.
  • The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is not responsible in the event that this device is lost, damaged or stolen while on WCDSB property and school sponsored events.

Devices for Families in Need

Free learning device/computer offerings for low income families:

Programs Offered $10/month Residential Internet Service

Partnership with Fair Chance Learning, Dell and Staples for Learning devices

WCDSB has made significant investments to ensure our students and staff have access to a variety current technologies. The use of technology to support learning remains a key priority to ensure that students are equipped with the skills to flourish in an increasingly digital world. Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbooks have proven to be versatile, reliable, and affordable digital tool in the classroom.

As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, many families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home. WCDSB families have reached out, seeking advice about which technology would best support their child’s learning, is reasonably priced, yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it’s transported back and forth to school each day.


Dell Portal for ordering Windows 10 and Chromebook devices online:

Two Chromebook options for students

We have been working with STAPLES Canada to provide two good Chromebook options that families can choose to purchase at a STAPLES store or online. These models are similar to devices that are currently used in schools. Each device has been manufactured to withstand daily wear and tear. Each of these devices will support your child’s school work, including the use of their school account and related educational applications they are already use at school.

Visit your local STAPLES store to view the two Board-recommended devices listed below.

Staples locations servicing WCDSB

  1. Staples - Waterloo
    620 King St. N.
    Waterloo, ON
    General Manager: Cathy Jeffries
    Phone: 519-888-1716
    We match any price!
  2. Staples - Kitchener
    245 Strasburg Road
    Kitchener, ON
    General Manager: Alison Lane
    Phone: 519-571-7420
    Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  3. Staples - Kitchener
    5-225 The Boardwalk,
    Kitchener, ON
    General Manager: Dean Peakman
    Phone: 519-579-1614
    Ask about other offers!
  4. Staples - Cambridge
    26 Pinebush Road
    Cambridge, ON
    General Manager: Ted Masse
    Phone: 519-622-5280
    Guaranteed In-Stock!