The focus of mathematics teaching and learning is to develop students’ abilities in these key areas:

  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Procedural Fluency
  • Strategic

We offer multiple opportunities for math enrichment through our school math leagues, contest writing, enriched & AP course opportunities at our high schools, and our Secondary High Skills Major programs.


Monsignor Doyle Pathways
Resurrection Pathways
St. Benedict Pathways
St. David Pathways
St. Mary’s Pathways

Math Pathways Chart

Ministry Of Education – Curriculum Documents

Grade 12 Courses and Post-Secondary Destinations

MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors

  • university math, engineering, economics, science, computer science, some business programs,education – secondary math

MHF4U – Advanced Functions

  • university kinesiology, social sciences programs, some math, health science, some business interdisciplinary, education – elementary math

MDM4U – Math of Data Management

  • some university applied linguistics, social sciences, child and youth studies, psychology, accounting, finance, business, forestry, science, arts

MCT4C – Math for College Technology

  • college biotechnology, engineering technology, some technician programs

MAP4C – College Math

  • general arts & science, business, human resources, some technician and health science programs

MEL4E – Math for Work and Everyday Life

  • steamfitters, pipefitters, sheet metal worker, cabinetmakers, carpenters, foundry workers, construction millwrights, some mechanics

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Drop-In Tutoring Locations

Frontier College University Tutors
Wednesdays 2:20-4:00 pm.
St. David’s Secondary School
4 High Street, Waterloo
Student Success Room (229)
Call: Gary Boland 519-885-1340 ext 127
Tutors are a group of student tutors from Frontier College, committed to education advocacy. We strive to encourage area youth continually to better themselves through education.

Tutors Beyond Borders
A service from University of Waterloo

EQAO Math Assessment is administered in grade 9.  It contributes towards 10% of a student’s grade in both the Applied and the Academic courses.

In addition to preparatory work throughout each grade 9 course, students write a Mock EQAO which helps to identify content areas for review and remediation.

EQAO Prep for Students
EQAO Parent Resources

Here are some recommended sites:


  • A free online graphing tool


    • Online Interactive Learning Activities developed by the ministry of education


    • A free online graphing tool.
    • Click here to download GeoGebra software
    • Online version of GeoGebra (no download necessary)  

Wolfram Alpha  

    • An online search engine that provides accurate answers to mathematical (or other) queries