The focus of mathematics teaching and learning is to develop students’ abilities in these key areas:

  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Procedural Fluency
  • Strategic

We offer multiple opportunities for math enrichment through our school math leagues, contest writing, enriched & AP course opportunities at our high schools, and our Secondary High Skills Major programs.


WCDSB Math Pathways

Math Pathways Chart

Ministry Of Education – Curriculum Documents

Grade 12 Courses and Post-Secondary Destinations

MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors

  • university math, engineering, economics, science, computer science, some business programs,education – secondary math

MHF4U – Advanced Functions

  • university kinesiology, social sciences programs, some math, health science, some business interdisciplinary, education – elementary math

MDM4U – Math of Data Management

  • some university applied linguistics, social sciences, child and youth studies, psychology, accounting, finance, business, forestry, science, arts

MCT4C – Math for College Technology

  • college biotechnology, engineering technology, some technician programs

MAP4C – College Math

  • general arts & science, business, human resources, some technician and health science programs

MEL4E – Math for Work and Everyday Life

  • steamfitters, pipefitters, sheet metal worker, cabinetmakers, carpenters, foundry workers, construction millwrights, some mechanics

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Drop-In Tutoring Locations

Frontier College University Tutors
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St. David’s Secondary School
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Student Success Room (229)
Call: Gary Boland 519-885-1340 ext 127
Tutors are a group of student tutors from Frontier College, committed to education advocacy. We strive to encourage area youth continually to better themselves through education.

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EQAO Math Assessment is administered in grade 9.  It contributes towards 10% of a student’s grade in both the Applied and the Academic courses.

In addition to preparatory work throughout each grade 9 course, students write a Mock EQAO which helps to identify content areas for review and remediation.

EQAO Prep for Students
EQAO Parent Resources

Here are some recommended sites:


  • A free online graphing tool


    • A free online graphing tool.
    • Click here to download GeoGebra software
    • Online version of GeoGebra (no download necessary)  

Wolfram Alpha  

    • An online search engine that provides accurate answers to mathematical (or other) queries