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School Tax Support

In Ontario, Catholics are the only people allowed a choice of supporting the Public School or Catholic School system by directing the education portion of their property taxes to the system of their choice.

A Catholic School Support Lease is required when a Roman Catholic and a Non-Catholic are jointly responsible for the payment of property taxes, either directly through ownership or indirectly through the payment of rent.

By provincial law, only Roman Catholics have the right to direct their taxes to the Separate School System. If either of the joint owners or tenants of a property is not Roman Catholic, then the property is automatically assessed public for school tax purposes. This applies even if the Non-Catholic requests to be a catholic school supporter.

This lease is simply a technical tool designed to give the Roman Catholic the sole right to determine the school support of her or his residence in order to comply with the meaning of the law.

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Catholic School Assessment Lease are:

  • The lease does not change the existing agreements such as ownership or a tenant lease arrangement in any way.
  • Your declaration, through direction of school support, ensures that the Province has a public record to show that our Catholic school system is strongly wanted and needed in Ontario.
  • In effect, a tenancy within the ownership/tenancy of the property is created so that the Roman Catholic rents the right to direct  school taxes from the Non-Catholic.
  • When a Catholic School Supporter moves from one residence to another, their school support automatically reverts back to the Public School system. Therefore, a new Application for Direction of School Support form is required for the new addresses, along with the Separate School Support Lease form, if required.
  • In Municipal School Board elections, Provincial law states that only Roman Catholic school supporters may vote for the Separate School Trustees.
  • The Direction of School Support determines the number of Catholic School Trustees to be elected within the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Please Note: The $2.00 is merely a formality and is in place as a mechanism to make this Lease a legal document for school support purposes. Do not send the $2.00 to the School Board or School.

If you have any questions please contact the Waterloo Catholic District School Board at
519-578-3660 Ext. 2359.