International Certificate Program

“Welcome to your Global Classroom”

International Certificate Program - Welcome

Through the International Certificate Program, high school students become informed, engaged and active global citizens, by putting into practice the Catholic social teaching including peace, justice and equity for all.
Participants earn the certificate by completing three components:

  • Studying an international language
  • Taking internationally-focused courses
  • Demonstrating an understanding of global issues to further transform the world
  • Participating in  internationally focused projects of their choice
  • Developing global competences and citizenship

The International Certificate Program (ICP) for Secondary School Students was developed and introduced in Canada by the Calgary Board of Education in 2009. The Ottawa-Carlton District School Board introduced their version of the International Certificate Program in Ontario in 2013 with great success. The Waterloo Catholic District School’s version of the ICP is being introduced to schools in 2015 based on the best practice and experience of these education leaders. We would like to acknowledge the leadership of both these institutions in this initiative and thank them for their support of our efforts to offer this 21st century education opportunity to the students of Waterloo Catholic District Schools.


International Certificate Program - Benefits

The International Certificate Program will recognize and honour students who demonstrate a commitment to being motivated, engaged and an active global citizens.  Student will benefit by developing cultural competencies through authentic learning experiences.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Learning or improving another language
  • Increasing global awareness
  • Immersing yourself in another culture
  • Becoming more independent and confident
  • Making lifelong friendships
  • Exploring opportunities for your future
  • Hosting an international student in your family
  • Traveling and visiting other countries and cultures
  • Understanding differences and similarities between cultures
  • Connecting personal experience with coursework
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Participating as a global citizen


International Certificate Program - Requirements

To be eligible to receive a WCDSB International Certificate, you need to complete:

  1. All three components
  2. A portfolio presentation/ An annual summative performance task
  3. Annual reflections
  4. Optional: “Honours Designation” by completing additional work and time requirements.


International Certificate Program - Language & Communication

Component One: International Languages and Intercultural Communication

Successfully complete ONE provincially accredited full credit course (110 hours) in an international language (besides English or Grade 9 French) including:  Native Language, American Sign Language, Braille and languages as listed at the Ministry of Education Link 
An international languages learning experience which has been pre-approved by your school guidance counsellor and  the international certificate advisor.
For students who are newcomers to Canada during their high school years, any language credits in ELS, ELD, FSL and IL will be considered based on individual circumstances.


Successful completion of the “Intercultural Communication and Awareness Workshop”.

International Certificate Program - International Coursework

Component Two: International Coursework

Successfully complete at least FOUR of the prescribed internationalized credit course options OR an additional international language credit.


Major summative assignments from at least TWO courses completed between Grades 9 – 12 that clearly demonstrate an international perspective in each of the assignments

Component Three:  International Experience and EngagementInternational Certificate Program - International Experience & Engagement

Evidence of completing any ONE of the possible four options (each requiring at least 100 hours of involvement) throughout high school.

  • Long term international student exchange or study abroad program
  • Series of short-term overseas experience
  • Active engagement in local activities or organization with an international focus
  • Combination of A, B and C


Annual reflective response (one for each year enrolled in the program)

Portfolio Presentation:

This task showcases your achievements and synthesizes your learning and experience in a way that suits your individual interests and skills.  You will need to meet with your International Certificate Advisor to discuss the portfolio component.

How to apply

Contact information

International Education - Contact

Dan Witt
Principal, International Education
Waterloo Catholic District School Board
35 Weber Street West – Unit A • PO Box 91116
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4G2
Telephone: (+1)519.578.3660 Extension 2537